Kitchen Appliances

In this category we will bring for you the in-depth reviews about the various Kitchen Appliances required for our home.

Best Vegetable Chopper in India

Best Vegetable Chopper in India

Cooking is a passion for most of us. However you need to spend a good amount of time for kitchen chores of chopping and slicing the vegetables. Chopping certain vegetables especially onions, can be a hassle and give you those pesky “onion tears”. Small, handy and easy to use vegetable choppers are meant to make the task of cooking easier. Cooking will be faster, easier and enjoyable task once you choose the best vegetable chopper for your kitchen. Just like cutters, peelers, graters and slicers, fruit and vegetable choppers can simplify your kitchen chores and make cooking an easy process.

Best kitchen hobs in India 2020

Best Kitchen Hobs

Modern kitchen hobs are gradually outnumbering traditional free- standing gas stoves in terms of efficiency, functionality, and an exquisite trendy finish to the kitchen cabinet. Engineered to be installed seamlessly on your kitchen counter top, a hob is more like a permanent gas stove, hence immobile. Built-in hobs are increasingly gaining popularity for their aesthetic seamless looks.

Best Dishwasher for India

Best Dishwashers

Dishwashers are no longer a luxury, but are gaining popularity in modern Indian kitchens day by day. Your dependable dishwasher is well worth the investment, when it comes to energy and time saving. This labor- saving appliance for your kitchen is undoubtedly a boon of modern technology.

Best Double Door Refrigerators

Best Double Door Refrigerator

Keeping the freshness of your ingredients is just as important as keeping your recipes intact. A double door refrigerator does exactly the same thing for you. Refrigerator is an appliance that is not a luxury but has become a ubiquitous, necessity for every Indian home today.

Best Burner Gas Stoves

Best Burner Gas Stoves

A sumptuous food is a fuel for your soul, not just a feed for stomach. The kitchen, being the hub of any Indian home, must not be just intuitively designed and décor but also equipped properly. Gas Stove burner is the heart of your kitchen, which makes cooking easier and has become an indispensable part of our lives. Protection Status