Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner In India_

Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner in India

Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner in India

Tired of tough scrubbing hard water stains on your toilet bowl? It’s gross and humiliating to behold when your toilet have an ugly ring around the bowl. Cleaning the toilet bowl to look sparkling-new is the most important thing to maintain hygiene in your home. The pearly-white of a toilet’s bowl and cistern are prime for getting stained and grubby overtime, falling foul to limescale build-up. Any selection from the Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner in India, can help you keep your toilet bowl in pristine condition with minimal efforts.

Regular cleaning of the toilet bowl is often the most irksome house chore we need to complete. An efficient toilet cleaner can help you keep your toilet bowl in pristine condition with minimal efforts. The messy and time consuming task of bowl cleaning can be easy when you choose a cleaner that promises to disinfect and cut through difficult stains on ceramic surfaces. A well maintained and hygienic toilet contributes to a healthy staying environment at home.

A simple and effective way to keep your toilet clean is to focus on hygiene more regularly. Toilet cleaning products and limescale removers are ideal for getting rid of stains and whitening toilet bowls and returning it to its best.

In this review article we initially discussed on the common types of toilet cleaners available and their proper usage. A buyers’ guide to choose the right toilet cleaner for your purpose. Then we put our Top 6 Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner in India. We end up our review with some Frequently Searched Questions on toilet bowl cleaners. You can also read our review on Best Spin Mops in India.

Different Types of Toilet Cleaners available for Home Enhancement

A wide verity of toilet cleaning products is available on the market.  From liquids, gels and sprays to bleach tablets, a number of toilet cleaning products are also available on your favorite e-commerce sites.

In-Bowl Toilet Cleaners:

The most common form of toilet bowl cleaner is the chemical solution. The cleaner is needed to be applied over the area that needs to be cleaned and then scrub it thoroughly using a toilet brush. The thick, powerful formulas of these cleaners help to remove limescale, rust and hard water build-up, making your toilet stain free and hygienic.

In-Tank Toilet Cleaners:

With these automatic toilet cleaning tablets, all you need to do is to drop the tablet into your toilet cistern. The tablet cleans and sanitizes with every flush. With every flush, bleach is released from the tablet. It eventually prevents rust and tough stains from sticking around the bowl for a long time. These tablets ease off the need for excess scrubbing.

Harpic Flushmatic Twin

Top 6 Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner in India

An efficient toilet cleaner will ease off your amount of time and labor to get the spotless commode in your toilet. No one of us likes this irksome yet unavoidable task to keep our toilet hygienic. A good toilet cleaner ensures less scrubbing and more sparkle with minimum effort. In this section we will review 6 Best Toilet Cleaners you can purchase in the year 2020. 

Harpic Powerplus Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner, Original - 1 L (Pack of 2)

Now you can leave your toilet sparkling with Harpic Powerplus Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner, while cleaning 99.9% bacteria. It dissolves hard water and limescale stains while eliminating germs and bacteria to make your toilet bowl look shiny and new.  Harpic Power Plus toilet cleaner has a thick liquid formula that clings to the toilet surface to clean deeply from the rim to the u-bend. Regular use of Harpic toilet cleaner prevents and cleans 10 types of toilet stains and keeps your toilet bowl clean and hygienic.

Suitable for both Indian and western toilets, Harpic combines the benefits of tough stain remover, 99.9% germ kill, and odor kill in one, making it the smartest toilet solution. The improved Harpic technology gets you 10 times more yellowish stain removal, 5 times better limescale removal.  Harpic Power Plus toilet cleaner is many times better than the ordinary bleach, acid and phenyl, when it comes to cleaning, fragrance as well as germ kill. Regular use of this all-in-one product will be your ultimate one stop solution for all your toilet cleaning needs.

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Sanifresh Ultrashine Toilet Cleaner -1.5X Extra Strong Extra Clean (Buy 2 Get 1 free)

Ideal for both Indian and western toilets, Sanifresh Ultrashine Toilet Cleaner is 1.5X times better than ordinary cleaners in removing limescale and hard stains in the toilet bowl. Its 10X power safely breaks down dirty red and bright rust stains, erasing the unpleasant evidence of hard water. Unlike the leading toilet cleaners, Sanifresh Ultrashine is specially formulated for cleaning hard water stains, giving you the upper hand when cleaning the toilet bowl.

Its advanced thicker formulation makes the toilet extraordinary clean and absolutely sparkling. Leaving behind a lingering and refreshing fragrance, this toilet cleaner gives faster, better and efficient cleaning. You just have to squeeze the cleaner under the rim and round toilet bowl. Brush it after 20 minutes. Then flush it for a stain free clean toilet. It gives 99.9% germ kill guarantee. Overall this efficient toilet cleaner saves time and effort in cleaning your toilet bowl.

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Bloo Liquid Gel Toilet Cleaner Hygiene & Shine Flower Burst

Bloo Total Hygiene & Shine Toilet Gel ensures intensive deep clean and let your toilet shine, leaving an impressive fragrance. This toilet gel removes all limescale and dirt, even under the waterline. Bloo toilet cleaner cleanses shines, disinfects and kills practically all harmful germs, viruses and bacteria.  It eliminates tough yellowish urinal, fecal & all organic stains at the source. The product is the ultimate solution to clean tough bathroom stains.

The powerful action of Bloo liquid gel tackles even the toughest cleaning challenges with little or no scrubbing.  Available in three variants Shine Flower Burst, Shine Ocean Breeze and Shine Lemon Zing, it ensures a perfectly clean and fresh toilet. Bloo’s perfumed toilet gel contains essential oils and removes limescale many times better than any competitor. Extra freshness of this toilet cleaner gives a long lasting fresh scent in the bathroom.

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Amazon Brand - Presto! Toilet Cleaner - 1 L (Pack of 2)

An international brand from Amazon itself, Presto Toilet Cleaner is an effective premium toilet cleaning essential to make stains magically disappear. Presto eliminates 99.9% of all germs and keeps your commode hygienic and disinfected. You need not have to break your back any more, trying to remove disgusting toilet bowl stains. It fights tough stains and foul odors and leaves your toilet sparkling clean.

Suitable for both Indian and western toilets, Presto Toilet Cleaner has no harsh effect on your sewage pipeline and septic tank. The easy to use nozzle helps apply liquid on tough to reach spots in toilet pot rims. Its thick blue liquid clings to the toilet bowl surface uniformly for a comprehensive clean from rim to u-bend. When used regularly, Presto toilet cleaner eliminates all foul odors leaving your lavatory clean and fresh all the time.

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Domex Fresh Guard Lime Fresh Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner

 Ever since 1929, Domex from Hindustan Unilever Ltd has been providing effective sanitary solutions to people across the globe. Thus you can trust on their Domex Toilet Guard Lime Fresh Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner. It not only gives you a clean toilet but also kills all germs to safeguard your family from the toilet germs. The strategically bent bottleneck of the container helps to pour the liquid into deep corners and under the toilet rim effectively.

The all new Domex Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner comes with revolutionary Fresh Guard Technology. The unique technology forms a protective layer with non-stick properties on your toilet commode. This non-stick protective layer prevents germs and stains from building up on the surface of the toilet commode, giving you a hassle-free clean, fresh and a germ-free toilet for up to 3 days. Thus with no stains, no germs but only non-stop freshness, you can maintain the hygiene at your home.

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Harpic Flushmatic Toilet In-Cistern Block, Aquamarine - 50 g (Pack of 3)

Make your toilet cleaning chore easy and hassle free with Harpic Flushmatic Toilet In-Cistern tablet. This flushable toilet cleaner tablet continuously cleans and deodorizes your bathroom for up to 4 weeks.  Simply drop a tablet in the toilet tank and let it do its work. The tablet does not harm the septic tank eco system.  This drop-in tank tablet which can be used for any accessible cistern. Harpic Flushmatic toilet cleaner works from inside of the cistern to release a dose of powerful liquid with every flush.

These easy to use tablets keep your toilet smelling fresh and sparkling clean with every flush, leaving bowl water crystal clear.  It works by creating strong foam every time you flush the toilet, which helps to maintain the cleanliness and disinfection in the toilet bowl.  It is touch free and hygienic and dissolves completely when finished. Harpic flushmatic toilet cistern block is a toilet hygiene product for continuous cleaning without any mess.

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Advantages of Using a Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Aesthetics is not the only lookout when it comes to toilet cleanliness. Eco-friendliness and hygiene are equally important to us. An effective toilet cleaner do that job and work efficiently in those challenging to reach spots. The major advantages can be jotted as:

  • Efficiently kills germs and bacteria that can be harmful for anybody in the family.
  • Easy to clean with few brush strokes and do not require any expert.
  • Saves time and labor from scrubbing the bowl every day.
  • Eliminates any bad odor and freshens up the toilet throughout the day.
  • An affordable and easy to use choice that fits anyone’s budget.
  • Do not have any adverse effect on the plumbing and septic system.

Frequently Searched Questions on Toilet Bowl Cleaner

1) Are Toilet Bowl Cleaners Safe?

Usually, toilet bowl cleaners contain acid based harmful chemicals. As a result, they must be kept out of the reach of young kids and pets. Accidentally if it falls on skin, you must brush it off and flush with plenty of water. If any irritation persists, you must seek medical attention. Thus, for precautions it is recommended to use safety hand gloves while using them to clean the toilet.

2) Can the Toilet Cleaner be used to clean other surfaces?

The answer is tricky. Sometimes Yes, and for some other is a strict No. Most of the toilet cleaners mentioned above can be used to clean surfaces like sinks, certain toilet floors efficiently. But you should never use them to clean mosaics, marbles, and shower and tap surfaces. The cleaner may cause damage to the shine of their surfaces. Thus before using, read the instructions and ensure that it is safe for your surface.

3) Are Toilet Bowl Cleaner safe for my Septic Tank?

Excessive use of commercial toilet cleaners can kill the “good” bacteria in the septic tank, which are needed to bread down the feces in the tank. Thus it is advisable to avoid use of strong acid or bleach to clean your toilet commode. Maintain the delicate balance of your septic system is very important for a healthy and clean toilet.

Final Words...

You cannot ignore the toilet bowl when it comes to keeping your bathroom tidy and hygienic. Keeping your toilet clean and looking sparkling-new is probably one of the most important things to maintain in your home. An effective, reliable, strong and disinfecting toilet cleaner can make a big difference in getting this chore done with lesser frustration and quicker results. An unhygienic toilet can cause serious health issues, especially if you have kids and elders at home. Thus it is necessary to choose the best toilet bowl cleaner to maintain the eco-friendly atmosphere at your home. We believe our reviewed products will guide you to select the best bowl cleaner for your home.

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