Best Surface Disinfecting Spray in India

Best Surface Disinfecting Spray in India to fight COVID-19

Best Surface Disinfecting Spray in India

We have entered a new world after the breakout of COVID-19 pandemic, where hygiene is synonymous to safety. While we always remember to sanitize our hands regularly, we often forget about germs on surfaces that are frequently touched. These high-touched surfaces include mobiles, laptops, doorknobs, table surface, toys, switches, parcels, TV remote controls etc. Germs and harmful viruses can get onto your hands from objects or surfaces you touch throughout the day. Best Surface Disinfectant Spray keeps you protected from those invisible threats.

All seemingly clean objects are not actually safe. Thus, these surfaces can be reservoir for numerous infection causing germs. While you come in contact with such infected surfaces, these germs enter into your body and weaken your immune system. Disinfectant spray is the ultimate go-to product to fight against those invisible threats.

There are many Isopropyl-alcohol-based disinfectant sprays in the market, which you can use on these surfaces. In this review article we discussed on the common surfaces that need to be disinfected regularly. Then we put our Top 05 Best Surface Disinfecting Spray in India. We end up our review with some Frequently Searched Questions on best disinfectant spray for flu. You can also read our review on Best Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer.

Cleaning vs. Disinfecting

What kills germs and bacteria? Today, keeping your house clean is just not enough. Though cleaning is often confused with the term disinfecting in our daily activities, there is a finer line of difference between the two. Let us put the differences straight away:


Often used interchangeably with “disinfecting”, cleaning means removing germs and clearing any contaminants from the surface. It is generally accomplished with detergent and water. Cleaning does not actually kill the germs. Thus all these microscopic pathogens can fester and grow on the cleaned surfaces or objects. Hence, cleaning is the first step to disinfection.


It is all about killing the harmful pathogens with the use of chemicals. It is generally done by the use of chemical agents mostly Sodium Hypochlorite commonly known as bleach. Best surface disinfecting spray makes the pathogens like bacteria, fungi, and viruses incapable of reproducing on the surfaces. Disinfectants do not clean dirt or soils from surface. Thus any surface needs to be cleaned properly before disinfecting.  

High-Contact Surfaces That Has To Be Cleaned & Disinfected Daily

Mobiles & Laptops : 

Such devices are the most frequently touched, especially when we are working from home . Being in constant use, they gather more germs.

Door Knobs : 

Door knobs and latches are touched several times a day  by multiple hands while entering or leaving rooms. Thus they become pool of germs with every touch.

Sofas & Couches : 

Soft surfaces like sofa & couches can also become a hub for germs if not disinfected regularly. Best surface disinfecting spray offer a quick way to kill couch germs.

Kitchen Work Area : 

The cabinets and appliances in the kitchen are touched every time it is opened. Thus, after food preparation these surfaces must be disinfected.

Delivery Packages : 

Courier packages from online e-portals can bring in germs and viruses as they undergo hand exchange from person to person.

Toilet Seats : 

Toilet seats and rims can be reservoir for numerous infection causing germs , if not properly disinfected regularly.

Car & Door Keys : 

Door keys or car keys are some of the common items that are rarely cleaned or sanitized. Thus, they can also gather more germs, like coronavirus, from hand to hand.

Kids’ Toys : 

Unclean toys hold many germs, as kids play around with them all around the house and outside. Thus disinfecting toys is an absolute necessity.

AC & TV Remotes : 

AC & TV remote controls are other “high-touch” surfaces at home, where germs and viruses can survive for hours or even days.

Top 5 Best Surface Disinfecting Spray in India

In this section we will review 5 Best Surface Disinfecting Sprays you can purchase during this time of outbreak of pandemic. Anyone of these common household disinfectants will not only enhance the hygiene level of your home but will also protect your family from any contamination.

Savlon Surface Disinfectant Spray, For Hard & Soft Surfaces

Disinfect high-traffic surfaces like door knobs, sofa, table, packages, keys, carpets etc. with one easy spray, the Savlon Surface Disinfectant Spray. These highly touched surfaces can be a reservoir for a wide variety of germs, bacteria and viruses. The Ethanol based disinfectant spray promises to kill 99.99% germs around the home. Additionally. it neutralizes a wide range of bacteria, molds, fungi and viruses like H1N1, Rotavirus, Norovirus.

With a refreshing and pleasant smell, Savlon spray disinfects and deodorizes both hard and soft surfaces with dual benefits. Thus, when sprayed from a distance of 15-20 cm, the mist disinfects hard surfaces like chairs, tables, toys, toilet seats effectively. Soft surfaces like sofa, pillows, curtains, mattresses can be easily sanitized in one easy step. It provides safety during this coronavirus outbreak.

Moreover, you need not have to wipe the surfaces; just allow them to air dry. It is ideal for electronic gadget sanitation. Though this spray kills antibiotic resistant germs, it should not be applied on copper; brass painted or varnished surfaces as it contains ethanol. Savlon is the best surface disinfecting spray and its price is also affordable. 

Salient Features:

Lifebuoy Antibacterial Surface Germ Kill Spray (No Gas)

All seemingly clean surfaces or objects are not actually disinfected or safe. Lifebuoy Antibacterial Germ Kill Spray recognizes this fact well. As a result, Hindustan Unilever Limited came up with this germ kill spray that kills 99.9% bacteria and viruses. Holding lifebuoy sanitizer spray unit upright, you just have to bring the nozzle close to the pre-clean surface and spray all over. No need to wipe the surface, just apply and wait for air dry.

Composed of Ethyl Alcohol and Isopropyl Alcohol, it can eliminate 99.9% germs including virus, mold, bacteria and fungi. Thus, the no gas formula spray can effectively disinfect frequently touched surfaces like door knobs, kids’ toys, mobile phones, table tops, keys.

Additionally, Lifebuoy germ kill spray provides on the go protection and is easy to carry anywhere. Although, it is safe on skin, but you should avoid eye contact. Since the ingredients are flammable, it is recommended to keep out of reach of kids below 5 years.

Salient Features:

Dettol Surface Disinfectant Spray Sanitizer for Germ

As the number of COVID-19 cases increasing at an alarming rate every day, it is necessary to disinfect the highly touched surfaces and objects at home on a regular basis. With 80 years of experience, Dettol, the most trusted and reliable brand has come up with Dettol Surface Disinfectant Spray Sanitizer. It claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, eliminating over 100 illness-causing germs including H1N1 virus. This alcohol based surface disinfectant spray sanitizes your home and leaves everything clean and fresh.

Dettol surface disinfectant spray effectively disinfects hard surfaces like bins or sinks, but also sanitizes soft surfaces including: couches, mattresses, pillows. Additionally, it leaves behind a pleasant pine fragrance, eliminating odor causing bacteria. It is one of the best disinfectant spray for flu.

This spray sanitizer dries quickly, and does not need any wiping or washing. The handy unit can be used as parcel disinfecting spray and is easy to carry anywhere. Furthermore, this Dettol product is recommended by the Indian Medical Association (IMA).

Salient Features:

Insurance Disinfectant Alcohol Based Spray, Kills 99.9% Germs

While we do remember to wash our hands at regular intervals, we often forget that the frequently touched surfaces also contain bacteria and germs. Insurance Alcohol-based multipurpose spray protects your family by providing effective protection from germs and bacteria. Thus, containing 95% Ethyl Alcohol, this formula kills nearly 99.9% bacteria and viruses that cause illness. Its quick action formula starts working within a few seconds.

This ready to use pump bottle disinfects and deodorizes all hard and soft surfaces in homes, offices, hospitals, salons, clinics. Usable for sanitizing multiple surfaces and cleaning purposes, the solution is non-corrosive to surfaces like tables, door knobs, keys, packages, mobiles, remotes etc.

Moreover, the spray can also be applied on electronic gadgets, but in switched off mode. Its compact pump bottle makes it easy to carry, so that you can sanitize anytime anywhere. As a result, this spray provides single solution for all-round sanitation.

Salient Features:

Richerbs Herbal Disinfectant Spray with ISO-Propyl Alcohol & Oils

Germs and harmful viruses can get onto your hands from objects or surfaces you touch throughout the day. Harvested from nature, Richerbs Herbal Disinfectant Spray is a safe herbal formulation which is biodegradable, non-toxic and Eco-friendly. Each spray has an unique combination of Natural Oils (10%), like neem oil, eucalyptus oil and Isopropyl Alcohol (90%). Thus, this all in one disinfectant is 100% safe and herbal and promises to kill 99.9% of illness causing bacteria and viruses

The scientifically crafted formulation provides easy solution for home disinfection, especially during this testing time of COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. Effective on both hard and soft surfaces, it beneficially disinfect regularly touched surfaces of phones, parcels, furniture’s, door knobs, glass, etc.

It should be sprayed 15-20 cm from any pre-cleaned surface to disinfect.  As a result, care should be taken that the entire surface gets covered with the mist. No need to wipe, just allow it to dry out. Additionally this antibacterial spray provides on the go protection and is easy to carry anywhere. It is one of the best disinfectant spray for flu.

Salient Features:

Frequently Searched Questions on Surface Disinfecting Spray

1) Are Surface Disinfecting Sprays safe?

Chemical disinfectants are essential to kill pathogens and control communicable diseases. But they are potentially hazardous to children below 5 years of age. Thus, keep the spray bottle out of their reach. Ethyl Alcohol is flammable and explosive. Excessive exposure to ethanol could pose health hazards. As a result, disinfectant sprays are for external use only and should be kept away from heat and flame. However, common household disinfectants are safe and effective tools when handled properly with the safety measures in place.

2) Can surface disinfecting spray be used on vegetables and fruits ?

Vegetables, fruits and groceries go through a quite a journey, from one hand-to another, before they make it to your kitchen. Thus these items can also harbor germs and pathogens that cause food borne deceases. Obviously, it comes to mind – What kills germs and bacteria? Though there is no evidence of COVID-19 contamination through food and grocery items, the extra steps of sanitizing is providing more peace of mind than anything.

However, DO NOT use surface disinfectant sprays on vegetables and fruits. These sprays are designed to disinfect hard and soft surfaces only, not for food products.  Food safety guidelines advice against using any bleach or detergent like substance on fruits and veggies you are going to intake. The effective way to clean fruits and veggies is to wash them thoroughly under running water with soft brush.

3) How to make Homemade (DIY)  Surface Disinfecting Spray?

With a few simple ingredients you can make your homemade all natural best surface disinfecting spray. The all-in-one DIY spray enables you to properly disinfect your spaces, thus ensuring 100% hygiene and health. The ingredients required are cheap and readily available:

  • 1 Cup of Distilled Water.
  • ½ Cup of White Vinegar.
  • ½ Cup of Rubbing Alcohol.
  • 5-7 Drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil.
  • 5-7 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil.
  • 1 Glass Spray Bottle (preferred)
  • 1 Funnel .

Through the funnel, pour the vinegar into the glass bottle. Add the rubbing alcohol into it. Then add the essential oils one-by one. After that, pour the cup of distilled water into the spray bottle. Fit the sprayer to the bottle and shake it thoroughly to mix well. Your common household disinfectants spray is ready to use.

Final Words...

Massive changes have taken place to our respective lifestyles especially after the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. We are working from our home. Our kids are studying through online classes. While we do remember to wash our hands regularly, we often forget that bacteria and germs are present on the surfaces that are frequently touched. Studies have indicated that the germs and viruses can survive on surfaces like cardboard for up to a day and up to two to three days on stainless steel and plastic.

On coming in contact with such highly touched surfaces, these germs enter into your body and weaken your immune system. Disinfectant Spray keeps you protected from those invisible threats. Hope our in-depth analysis of the best surface disinfecting spray will be beneficial for you to select the apt one.

So, bring home any of the reviewed best surface disinfecting spray to keep away those contagious bacteria and viruses and stay safe in this period of crisis.

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