Best Spin Mops in India

Best Spin Mops in India

Best Spin Mops in India

Cleaning up your home and maintaining the hygiene standard is very important. A plethora of home cleaning products are available online to enhance the looks of your home. However, keeping the house clean can indeed be a laborious task, especially mopping the floor. We present here the Best Spin Mops in India, an in-depth review on diverse types of mops for your daily needs

Cleaning every nook & corner of your home become hassle free with an efficient home floor cleaning system. The spin mop and bucket set helps you to do everything from wetting to wringing out the mop without dirtying your hands. This easy to use floor cleaning system is much convenient to finish your chores efficiently.

Perfect for cleaning all types of floors, including tile, stone, vinyl, hardwood or concrete, your satisfaction is guaranteed with any of these top floor cleaning mops. 

In this review article we initially discussed on the common types of mops available and their proper usage. A buyers’ guide to choose the right spin mop for your purpose. Then we put our Top 07 Best Spin Mops in India. We end up our review with some Frequently Searched Questions on spin mops. You can also read our review on Best Dishwashers.

Different Types of Mops available for Home Enhancement

Few of the different types of useful mops available in the market and online are categorized here:

Dust Mops:

Dust mops are basically dry mops, which are used to get rid of dirt and dust off your floor. They do not use cleaners or water along with while mopping. This type of mops has a long handle, thus enabling you to mop dusty fans and corner cobwebs. Dust mops works like a broom in many ways with much more potentiality. The mop heads are either disposable or reusable. This type of mops are mostly used for dusting large floor surfaces. 

Flat Mops:

Flat mops are the most common type of mop and are usually designed for cleaning small stains. They clean up the area without getting the area too wet. The pad provided on the mop head works well at cleaning corners. Flat mops are ideal for areas which do not require heavy duty cleaning. This type of mops is much economical and is popular for everyday mopping chores either at home or in commercial places.

Microfiber Mop
Microfiber Mops:

Microfiber mop will make the chore of cleaning your floors quick and easy. It efficiently leaves floor sparkling without a mop bucket or harsh chemicals. Its thick microfiber pad cover more swiping surface while mopping. Both dust mopping and wet mopping is possible with this mop. The telescopic handle can be adjusted at variable heights and the mop head swivels in all directions for effective cleaning.

Spin Mops:

Spin mops comes with a combination of a traditional mop along with a bucket. The bucket is equipped with either a foot pedal or a hand pedal for a hands-free wringing action. This type of mops comes with adjustable telescopic handle and is much popular when cleaning a medium area, like a house. Spin mops are an affordable mopping solution for those who want to avoid bending to rinse and wring. These mops are very popular now.

Top 7 Best Spin Mops in India

In this section we will review 7 Best Spin Mops you can purchase in the year 2021. Anyone of these will not only enhance the hygiene level of your home but will also make your daily chore quick and effortless. 

Prestige Clean Home PSB 10 Plastic Magic Spin Mop

Ensure fast and thorough mopping results every time with Prestige Clean Home PSB 10 Plastic Magic Mop. You can get rid of uncomfortable bending over as its in-built wringer effectively cleans up the dirt and grime. The high quality and durable steel rod fitted with replaceable microfiber mop head cleans effortlessly even the grimiest of floors. The height of the steel rod can be easily adjusted for convenience.

The aesthetically designed bucket made of high grade plastic, is featured with retractable pull handle, carry handle and 2 wheels for easy transportation around the house. The pivoting mop head with 360 degree rotatable mop plate enables to get into hard to reach area underneath furniture and into nooks and crannies. The 360 degree stainless steel spinner rinse the mop heads conveniently and are highly durable.

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Gala e-Quick Spin Mop with Easy Wheels and Bucket

Make mopping to be a fun and hassle-free activity with Gala e-Quick Spin Mop with Easy Wheels and Bucket. This spin mop with self-wringing system enables you to spin off excess water and dry off mop head more quickly. You need not have to bend down or get your hands dirty to wring out the mop. The spin mop kit comes with built-in wheels, one carry handle and a puller for easy transportation around the house.

Designed ergonomically, the mop comes with firm grip, functional handle and 360 degree spinning mop to reach any spot underneath furniture effortlessly. The pivoted head of the mop with extendable handle can easily clean edges, corners and difficult areas like under the bed or sofa. The centrifugal quick spinning design cleans and dries the mop head without getting your hands dirty. The mop heads are made of cotton microfibers and are easily washable.

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Scotch-Brite 2-in-1 Bucket Spin Mops

Scotch-Brite 2-in-1 Bucket Spin Mop is a hand push spin mop which is sure to put the fun factor back into the tedious chore of mopping. With a durable yet lightweight 360 degree telescopic handle it can easily reach inaccessible corners and under furniture. The handle is height adjustable and helps you to reach nooks and corners of your house. Handle angle may be adjusted from 0 to 180 degrees for the most comfortable mopping position.

The twin bucket mechanism enables you to wash and wring the mop head easily without putting your hands into the dirty water. Made up of high quality plastic the bucket is light in weight and easy to carry while mopping. The spin mop head is made of microfiber with large surface contact and can trap fine dust to ensure efficient cleaning. The mop set comes with dual microfiber refill, thus grunting long lasting. 

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DUVERRA Plastic 360 Magic Spin Mops and Bucket Set

DUVERRA Plastic 360 Magic Spin Mop and Bucket Set is a perfect helper for housewives, cleaners or anyone busy with cleaning chores. Made of high grade virgin plastic, the twin bucket is light, durable and easy to use. The spinning basket is dis-mountable, thus enabling the bucket to wash completely. The drain spout system at the bottom of the bucket drains out the dirty water easily after the mopping activity is done.

The 360 degree stainless steel spinner is built with high grade stainless steel for extra durability. The mop is made of 2 high grade stainless steel rod attachments. The mop height adjustment can be done conveniently with wonderful lock design. It can reach every corner of your house and prevents you from bending over. The super-absorbent microfiber mop head is replaceable and is conveniently machine washable.

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Primeway® Rotating Spin Mop with Twin Bucket

The self wringing mop system with stack-able basket by Primeway® Rotating Spin Mop and Twin Bucket is exactly what you need to get your mopping job done efficiently. The stack-able bucket features a wringing dryer and a built-in soap dispenser along with a bucket meant for the dirty water. The two side buckets can be easily separated and stacked, allowing you to store it anywhere out of sight. The water outlet allows easy passage for the dirty water without dirtying your hands.

The spinning mop features a directional swivel joint which pivots at 180 degrees and rotates 360 degrees to clean in all directions. The length of the telescopic handle can be easily adjusted with on-off clip lock. The 360 degree spin mop microfiber is super absorbent, and can effectively pickup dust, dirt and helps you to clean tough strains and nasty spills. The built-in wringer conveniently spins out the dirty water from the microfiber mop by pushing down the mop.

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Wotra Easywring Wheels Bucket Magic Spin Mops

Avoid your tedious traditional mopping experience with 360 degree easy mopping by Wotra Easywring Wheels Bucket Magic Mop. Made of durable stainless steel, the detachable wringer basket isolates all the splatter within the bucket only. Separate spinners for dry and wet ensures better rinsing and cleaning solution. The side bucket handle can easily slide it on 2 wheels to move on uneven surfaces comfortably.

Each 4 cm thick microfiber head with 300 pieces strands works on stubborn strains, dust for effective cleaning. The 360-degree swivel of the microfiber mop heads make it possible to clean under furniture and hard-to-reach places. The extendable telescopic handle and lock allows you to clean windows and ceiling fans as well. The bottom drainage plug is designed to let the dirty water flow out smoothly and avoid splashing.

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V-MOP Elite Steel Bucket Spin Mop with Wheel

The V-MOP Elite Steel Bucket Mop doesn’t just make cleaning easy and convenient but it makes cleaning even the toughest mess fun. It can handle any type of spill on hard surfaces. The microfiber mop heads are durable and machine washable, providing long lasting use over traditional mops. The 180 degree swiveling mop head makes it easy to reach under furniture. The extendable long handle allows you to clean windows and ceiling fans.

In order to augment your overall cleaning experience V-MOP Elite is designed with a stable wheeled bucket. The integrated agitator ensures easy spinning as well as mop drying to make your cleaning process less of a hassle. This practical, easy to maintain spin mop system keeps your floor clean and hygienic while leaving your hands dry all the time. The side bucket handle, though small in size, is convenient to slide the bucket across the floor on wheels.

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Buyers' Guide for Best Floor Cleaning Spin Mop

1) Size and Type of the Mop Head.

The mop head should be easy to maneuver around your floor. Bigger size mop head has higher absorbency and ensures better mopping. Small mop head is perfect for smaller space like a kitchen. The microfiber mop head should be long-lasting, and easily washable.

2) Pivoting Mop Head with Telescopic Handle:

A fully pivoting head allows the mop to maneuver into corners and under furniture with minimum effort. Also a height adjustable telescopic handle can get the mop head to clean difficult to reach areas like under the bed or sofa. It can even be used dry for dusting ceiling fans or windows.

3) Agitator:

To wash away the dirt out of the microfibers after mopping each spin mop system is provided with an agitator. The wet microfiber head of the mop is pressed down which causes the spin agitator to wring and rinse the mop for proper cleaning. You need not have to put your hands into the dirty water.

4) Drain Plug and Wheels on Bucket:

An outlet drain plug allows emptying the dirty water from the bucket without spilling accidentally. The wheels attached to the bucket natural movement of the bucket wherever you want while mopping. Often the spin mops are supplemented with attached pickup handle and a drag handle.

5) Sturdy:

The spin mop system must be durable and sturdy enough to withstand the test of time. A plastic mop handle won’t last as much as stainless steel or aluminum mops. The wringer in many spin mops is made from stainless steel. It is more durable than wringers made of plastic and will not break so easily.

Frequently Searched Questions on Spin Mops

1) Can a spin mop be used as both a dry mop and wet mop?

Certainly you can use a spin mop for both dry and wet mopping purpose. You can take care of the two chores with a single mop effortlessly in half the time. The extendable telescopic handle and the mop head are light in weight so that you can dust ceiling fans, windows and every corner of your house. When used as a wet mop, you need not have to put your hands into the dirty water for wringing. This versatility has made the spin mop an essential home enhancement product.

2) Can I machine wash the mop head?

The microfiber head of those mops which are detachable can be easily machine washed. Dirty and smelly mop heads should be thoroughly washed under the water. The mop heads can be soaked in water with a cup of bleach or vinegar added to it. This removes the unwanted foul odor even after mopping. After machine wash dry the mop head in direct sunlight.

3) How often should I replace the mop head?

Many of us wait for the mop head to be totally or partially worn out before we think of replacing it. But in order to maintain the domestic hygiene it is advisable to replace the microfiber heads every 3 months. The frequency of replacement also depends upon the degree of usage. Nearly all spin mop sets come with extra refills to replace the mop head.

Final Words...

It is pretty exhausting cleaning the floors with a traditional mop and groom. Spin mop with bucket is an excellent product which makes the mopping chore done in less time and arguably with more fun too. A plethora of spin mop systems are available in the market as well as online. But it is important to select the spin mop that cuts down your mopping time and effort and ensures germ-free environment. We hope this in-depth spin mop reviews and buying guide will encourage you to find the best spin mop for your needs.

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