Best Smart Home Devices (IoT Devices)

Best Smart Home Devices (IoT Devices)

Best Smart Home Devices (IoT Devices) 


Looking for best IoT devices? Here, in this article, you will find the best smart home devices controlled over Amazon Alexadifferent features of Amazon Echo and a comprehensive buyers guide for smart home gadgets, Amazon Echo that will help you buy the best smart home devices.

IoT is the recent peak trending buzzword. Now…

What is IoT??

Imagine a world where every object are interconnected and can sense, share information and communicate with each other. All the objects will then obtain “intelligence” and will have a unique identifier (like our Aadhar number) to make themselves comprehensively recognizable by the other. They can communicate.

Welcome to the world of IoT, the Internet of Things.

Using the Internet as the communication medium, IoT aims to integrate the physical world with the virtual world.

Internet traffic today is majorly application oriented, like we browse the web, enjoy video streaming, send emails etc. This is primarily human-to- machine communication. Here bulks of data generated by machines are consumed by human.

The objective of IoT is to enable machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, where objects can literally be connected anytime, anyplace, with anything and anyone.

By next few years, the number of devices on the IoT will largely outnumber human beings on the planet. It is expected that we will have 20 billion internet-connected things by 2020.

The beyond belief concept of the IoT has come out off the science fiction movies and has become a reality. An essential part of our everyday lives. IoT envisions a new better world of connected devices and humans in which the quality of life is enhanced.

The scope of IoT application is enormous and exponentially increasing. Ranging from smart home automation to more sophisticated environments like smart cities and e-government.


What are Smart Home devices?

Imagine, you woke up in the morning and find all the objects around came alive and are communicating among them. It can be your smartphone, smart TV,  smart light bulbs, refrigerators, air conditioners,  smart vehicles.

 Your smart refrigerator reminds you that you are running out of fresh vegetable stock or even can fill in your online cart with the necessary groceries. The room illumination can be changed by a smart bulb according to your mood. Your smart watch records your heart rate and distance covered while you go for a jog. Any anomaly will be directly conveyed to your physician for a proper advice. Your house thus, will be transformed to a smart home.

All of your household objects will be fitted with unique identifiers and are then connected to a wireless network. These smart objects will now be able to communicate with one another via a controlling cell phone with or without your intervention.

Internet of things is that game changing technology where the things you’ve in your office or home become connected seamlessly to the web. They communicate with one another for higher efficiency, savings, and simpler management.

Smart Homes comprise of a connected ecosystem of devices that provide comfort, security, convenience, energy efficiency and enhance intelligent living.

Extending this concept further likewise, a Smart Home in itself may be a part of a smart commercial complex and hence into a Smart City.

Confused on which smart devices to buy for your home? Let’s decipher the entire conundrum for you.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon introduced its first smart speaker back in 2014 through voice-activated Alexa virtual assistant.  

You have a question in your mind? Ask your voice activated Alexa smart speaker. Alexa will interact with you in her pleasing female tone, to carry out tasks. 

Alexa can switch on the lights, create a shopping list, adjust the thermostat, play music etc. on smart gadgets connected to the same Wi-Fi.

All you have to do is download the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone from playstore. Sync it to your smart speaker and then connect to your home Wi-Fi.  Alexa then uses the Wi-Fi to independently connect to the cloud and fetch you an answer.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Amazon Alexa has become a popular voice-controlled smart speaker around the world in just a brief period of years. These smart speakers are artificially intelligent, and needs to be use a lot to make them more intuitive. 

Alexa is skill based. 

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

The 3rd Gen Echo Dot is the budget-friendly, new version of Alexa voice assistant inducted by Amazon. 

The new Echo Dot is compact, hockey puck shaped voice controlled smart speaker with Alexa. It promises richer and louder sound better than its predecessors. Let me take you through a Echo Dot review.

Available in 3 color options black, white and grey. The Echo dot has a fabric mesh like premier look. 

The button layouts are on the top with four buttons. Two dedicated for volume up & down control, one mic mute button and the last one action button to summon Alexa.

The Echo Dot lags an inbuilt battery and needs to be plugged to uninterrupted power supply through the power port at the back. Also there is a standard 3.5mm audio output on the rear.

Larger 1.6” speaker of the Echo Dot produces louder, crisp and clear sound quality. Stream your favorite music from Saavn, Amazon Prime, Gaana by asking Alexa to play your favorite genre. Connect Netflix to Alexa Echo Dot for best entertainment.  

Transform your abode to a smart home via voice control compatible smart devices. They control lights, switch on the AC, stock up your groceries, or even book a cab.

Your friend or relatives also own an Echo device or even has the Alexa App installed on smartphone? Yes?  Ask your Echo Dot to call or message them, hands free.  

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Amazon Echo - 2nd Gen- Powered by Dolby – Grey

It is the 2nd generation upgraded Amazon Echo, amid the plethora of voice controlled Echo devices by Amazon. It was inducted in 2017 with a more premium look.

Echo Plus comes with more power compared to its predecessor. Thus offering best blend of quality performance and value.

It comes with fabric and wood finish. 

This 5.8”x 3.5” smart speaker comes with 2.5” downward- firing woofer and 0.6” tweeter powered by Dolby. Thus it deliver crisp sound and dynamic bass throughout your room. 

On the top, a blue ring of light glows to indicate Alexa is attentive to your query. Two volume control buttons, mute mic and the action button are placed on the top.

The speaker audio output is pretty decent.  You can  also connect a better speaker through Bluetooth or 3.5mm cable line out at the back

This slim, smart cylinder has Alexa calling and messaging feature to stay connected with your family and friends through an Echo device or Alexa app. Echo fits in perfectly with your home décor. 

The Echo microphone can pick up your instruction efficiently from a distance even in noisy environments through its 7 microphones. Noteworthy it has enhanced noise cancellation technology. 

Equipped with more than few thousand of skills and more being added up regularly. 

Alexa can order food from Swiggy , play your favorite college days retro. Want to book a cab on Ola, restock your groceries along with regular routine control of your other smart devices, Alexa is there for you.

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Amazon Echo Plus - 2nd Generation

The Amazon Echo Plus 2nd generation has got a design upgrade compared to predecessor Echo Plus. It looks like an elongated version of the new Echo Dot.

Amazon Echo Plus features bigger speaker with 3” downward- firing woofer and 0.8” tweeter powered by Dolby for 360˚ crisp audio. 

 Its premier look with a fabric cover adds a touch of class to your room.

In-build Zigbee smart home automation hub makes Echo Plus stand out from the other devices in the Amazon Echo fraternity. 

Its grouping with other smart home devices has also been enhanced, making it a lot easier to control multiple manufacturer smart devices with just one command. 

On top, there are volume buttons, a microphone mute and an activation button, surrounded by a translucent blue LED ring. 

Array of seven distinct far-field microphones on the top allows enhanced noise cancellation to allow Echo Plus to hear you from across the room.  

At the rear are the 3.5mm AUX audio input/output and the power port.

Alexa is skill based. With over 15000 skills Alexa is always getting smarter and adding new skills to her kitty.

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Echo Show 5 - Smart 5.5" screen display with Alexa

Smart displays are effectively smart speakers with LCD touch panels attached to them controlling your smart home and more. Smart speakers with smart displays are the new trend and have blossomed over the past year.

 Amazon has hit the market of smart displays with Echo Show variants, of which Echo Show 5 is budget friendly and worth mentioning. It is convenient for table-top use.

Echo Show 5 has an on screen control with the basics like time and weather available at a glance.

The Echo Show 5 has a petite 5.5-inch LCD touchscreen display with 18:9 aspect ratio and 960 x 480 resolution. The full range 1.65” built-in Show 5 speaker is an engaging bedroom companion for music and Alexa’s verbal responses to your voice commands. 

The Amazon Echo Show 5 comes with a 1MP camera that allows you to make video calls to other Echo devices with displays. Along the top there are the volume control buttons and a mute button that turns off the camera and mic. Addition to that a physical slider is provided as a privacy shutter for the camera.

Echo Show 5 offers a full basket of Alexa skills, video calling and broadcast message features along with Skype.

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IoT Haat Wi-Fi Smart Plug 16Amp

A large number of us do leave our home appliances unattended often. Particularly when we are in a hurry. Such situations results in surprisingly escalated energy bills, especially if those are high power consuming appliances. 

IoT Haat’s Smart Plug comes as a rescuer. Thus adding convenience to your life and helping you to save energy and consequent wastage of money.

With the Wi-Fi smart plug you can schedule AC, geyser, TV, lights, fans and many more appliances to turn on and off automatically. You can control them through the app on your smart phone (Android or iOS), remotely when you’re away or even at home or office.

You can efficiently control your appliances via voice commands as it is compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Specially designed for Indian power outlets it is a simple plug and play type and does not require any smart home hub. Available in both Type D & Type M plug standards, it can monitor your utility bill efficiently.

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Wipro Garnet Smart Light 7W B22 LED Bulb, Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

Elevate the ambiance in your room with color with Wipro Garnet Smart Light. It seamlessly integrates with your smart devices, transforming your home to a smart one. 

With 16 million color shades, it can turn the light of your living space to suit your mood.

The voice controlled Amazon Alexa or Google Home ecosystem gives you a fantastic home lighting experience by combining Wipro Garnet Smart Light with intuitive technology.

 Also the Wipro Next Smart Home app on your smartphone enables you to operate the bulb conveniently over your home Wi-Fi.

Fitted with a B22 cap makes it compatible with your existing holders. Though expensive than the regular ones, however, the benefits of Wipro Garnet smart LED Bulbs are amazing. 

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Zemote IoT Control Lights and Fans from Anywhere, Light Fan Module

India is one of the fastest growing Smart Home markets in Asia Pacific. The smart home trend is gaining momentum day by day. Zemote offers a complete Home Automation Solution. It enables you to control your room smart lights, fans, AC, TV, geyser, security lock in a smart way.

The Zemote Light Fan module is bundled with a bunch of new innovations. Designed specifically for India’s varying electrical conditions, this modular solution can be implemented in all Indian homes.

The sleek module is installed behind you switchboard and will connect over your home Wi-Fi to give you controls of your lights and fans on the Zemote App

Without hindering your physical switches and fan regulators to function as they used to now you can control the appliances with the App as well.

With 3 light and 1 fan load channels per module, you can control your appliances with voice commands on Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

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iRobot 900 Series Roomba 960 Vacuum Cleaning Robot (Grey)

Most of us do not have time or likes household chores, and vacuuming is surely the irksome task of all. Reaching every nooks and crannies under furniture, bed, sofas, so that dust does not build up, is a painstaking exercise.

No worries.. iRobot 900 Series Roomba 960 Vacuum Cleaning Robot is there to do all the work for you. Maneuvering deftly around obstacles, and under furniture.

It is powered by an array of intelligent sensors and powerful Aeroforce 3-stage cleaning system. The Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot makes vacuuming your home a hands-free chore. 

With battery life upto 70 minutes, it reliably returns to its charging dock. After getting recharged, it continues with its cleaning task from where it left off.

The top mounted camera helps this vacuum robot to navigate efficiently. Powered with acoustic and optical sensors to detect areas with more dirt, it can clean almost every nook of your house. 

The intuitive combination of the multi- surface spinning brushes, debris extractors, and power- lifting suction helps to keep your floors tidy.

Visual Localization powered iAdapt  2.0 Navigation helps Roomba to efficiently and seamlessly navigate an entire level of your home from one room to another, and keep track of its location. Its Edge-Sweeping brush cleans debris along walls and furniture legs, in addition to open areas.

The cool thing is that, Roomba 960 robot is compatible with several smart home ecosystems, including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT. Lay on your couch, just tap on your phone or ask your voice controlled smart assistant to handle the vacuuming job for you.

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Tell us which of these best smart home devices do you feel fit for your smart home. Comment below.

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