Best New Year Party Ideas in 2020

Best New Year Party Ideas in 2021

Best New Year Party Ideas in India

Say goodbye to 2020 and hit the reset button to welcome the New Year 2021. Probably the best way to kick start the New Year is to throw an awesome New Year Party. Organize an unforgettable night of music, dance, fun and merrymaking for yourself and your friends. Plan accordingly a gala time together so that the memories can be cherished by all throughout the year. Thus you should have the Best New Year Party Ideas to make it a grand success.

Be creative and plan a magical ambiance to make your New Year bash a big blast. You can ring in the New Year jamming out all night with your friends and family or hosting an all-night champagne party with music and delicious cocktails. Thus, end the year 2020 on a high note.

Organize the best New Year’s Eve ever and invite your friends and make them a night to remember. From sound activated disco light to honeycomb flower balls. From party props to noise makers, we put together a list of indoor and outdoor party decoration necessaries for New Year’s Eve. These are sure to impress all your guests to enjoy a fun-filled night.

A-to-Z New Year Party Ideas

With some easy decorating ideas, we have listed down A-to-Z components to add a few classic touches to your New Year party decorations. These decorating ideas will make your party super-special, enjoyable and memorable. Let’s start the A to Z New Year party ideas one by one:

A : Aart Store Happy New Year Printed Greeting Cards

Your New Year wish for your loved ones is incomplete without a New Year Greeting Card. In this modern time of digital cards, traditional Greeting Card still has got its own emotions. In fact, printed on high quality paper, Aart Store’s greeting cards are more than just a piece of paper. Thus you can share your love, care and thoughts with these greeting cards.

B : Evisha HD Big Size Metallic/Latex Purple and Pink Balloons 

Balloons are an indispensable item to decorate any party. Thus turn your New Year party into an event to remember with Evisha HD Big Size Purple and Pink Balloons. They are perfect to bring the look of luxury and elegance to your party. As a result, decorating the party room with these balloons is bound to impress all friends and family on your New Year’s Eve.

C : The Purple Tree Decorative Star Curtain LED Lights

Create a tranquil atmosphere of your New Year party and give a distinctive appearance with the Purple Tree Decorative Star Curtain LED Lights. In fact, it is Eco-friendly and comes as a plug and play type. The beautiful star curtain LED lights are highly bright but are not dazzling. Additionally, the LED curtain has 8 mode settings.

D : Sunnest 3W Stage Disco Lights with RGB Rotating Disco Ball 

Light up your New Year party and create a high energy atmosphere with Sunnest 3W Stage Disco Lights. With 7 lighting colors, it comes with sound activated rotating RGB Disco ball. Now sway your body to the rhythm and light as the light follows the music beats to flash strobe and change colors. Moreover. it can be remotely controlled with a 16 key remote controller.

E : Evisha Eye Mask Eyewear Party Mask

Add more fun and enjoyment to your New Year party with Evisha Eye-wear party mask. In fact, this bright colored eye wear party mask is made of premium plastic. Being perfect hand-outs for parties they will surely add fun to your party. This mask comes in metallic finish and is non toxic.

F : CITRA Portable Fog/Smoke Machine Remote Controlled

Create a unique mood and enhance the lighting effects of your New Year party with thick fog from Citra Fog Machine. In fact, the smoke machine can produce uniform, unscented fog very fast after 2-3 minutes of warming up. Thus, with fog output of 2000 CFM, this fog machine is safe & perfect for both indoor and outdoor parties.

G : P S Retail Balloon Glue for Decoration (Multicolour)

With P S Retail Balloon Glue it is easier to fix balloons anywhere like wall, ceiling without damaging color of the wall. However they leave stains on the wall after use. As a result, it is better to use the balloon glue on any temporary cloth surface for the party decoration.

H :ToyNext Happy New Year 2021 Letter Foil Balloon 

Set the mood of your New Year party with ToyNext Happy New Year Letter Foil Balloon. This foil balloon made of aluminum foil is perfect for New Year’s Eve party decorations. Moreover, the balloons will remain inflated for the complete duration of your New Year eve party.

I : PartyStuff Cards Year Invitation Card 

 Begin your New Year party ideas and planning with invitation card for your guests. Thus, invite your loved ones and guests to your party with the adorable fill in the blank invitation card by PartyStuff. Your friends and family will be excited about your party long before. Hence, this thick paper colored invitation card is a must have for your party.

J : Asian Hobby Crafts 12-inch Round Paper Lamps

Colorful paper lanterns are a perfect decoration for your New Year party. Hence, these 12 inches round paper lamps add style and illuminate events like your New Year party. Place LED lights inside and hangs these paper lamps to liven up the party mood. In fact, made of paper, these multi-color paper lamps are ideal for decorating your party space.

K : KACOOL Honeycomb Tissue Paper Flower Balls

Create an instant joyous atmosphere to your New Year party with these Honeycomb Tissue Paper Flower Balls. In fact, they are lightweight and easy to hang from the ceiling or from branches in trees. Available in 3 sizes and 7 different colors, they can be easily hand with the white ribbon. Moreover, made of premium paper they are easily reusable for next party.

L : PESCA Star Photo Clip Lights 16 LED, 3 Meter Length Decoration Chain

Decorate your home and New Year party with a perfect lighting effect with PESCA Star Photo Clip LED Lights. Basically, the transparent cable consists of equidistant clips, equipped with warm LED. The LEDs emanates a soft glow thereby casting a beautiful light in the surrounding area. Additionally you can highlight decorative pictures to be held by the clips.

M : Impex G-Bang 70 Watts Stage and Party Music System with LED Light

A New Year party without music is simply unimaginable. Thus boost your party anthems with extra bass and live sound with Impex G-Bang 70 Watts Stage and Party Music System with LED Light and Wireless mike. Experience sound quality like never before with 70 W RMS output power. Enjoy and dance with live music and booming sound that last for the entire party.

N : DISHANKART Noise Maker Blowouts Whistles for Kids

Add vitality and more fun to the New Year party with Noise Maker blowouts whistles. In fact, these blowouts are great for bringing attention with loud and bright sound come out. Rolled up paper blowout attached to a plastic noisemaker these whistles are a must for your New Year party.

O : ORIGAMI So Soft Plain Table Top Napkins Box

Hygiene and cleanliness is a must for your New Year party. Hence, this soft, multipurpose table top napkins by Origami are perfect for cleaning the spills and splashes. Convenient to dispose these products are Eco friendly and are manufactures from recycled materials. Thus these napkins are a must have for your New Year party.

P : WOBBOX All Occasion Indian Family Photo Booth Party Props

Add some extra fun to your New Year party photos and selfies with Wobbox All Occasion Photo Booth Party Props. Thus capture the spirit of the party and those moments of laughter, smiles and memories for years to come. These simple but cute photo props come with 18 different pieces to create lots of fun for your party.

Q : Power Play 360 Degree LED Crystal Rotating Bulb

Enliven the ambiance by adding some colorful rotating disco lights to your New Year party decor. In fact, the LED crystal rotating bulb light sets the right mood and enhances the energy of the invitees with its amazing lighting effects. Additionally, these bulbs are easy to attach to B22 sockets and are energy efficient and environment friendly.

R: Golden Ribbon (25 Yards) New Year Party Decoration

Perfect combination of shine and softness the Golden Ribbon is a New Year party favorite. Basically they are stylish, tough and versatile for party decorations and wrapping. Made up of 100 % polyester this ribbon will enhance the ambiance of your party. Actually this is an imported product.

S : Party Propz Swirls for Decorations, (Multicolour)

Party Propz Swirls are must as they will bring color into your New Year party. Certainly use them to liven up the party venue as everyone love it. Hang the swirls from your ceiling, overhangs, and doorway and transform the venue into a party atmosphere instantly. In fact, these colorful swirls are reusable and are easy to add fun and color to your party.

T : Pasabahce Twist Glass Champagne Flute

Without champagne in you and your guests’ hand the New Year countdown looks incomplete. Following recent trends and fashions, the design of this Twist Glass Champagne Flute is simple and elegant. In fact, made by professionals in Turkey these twist glasses are completely dishwasher and freezer safe.

U : Unique Metallic Star Foil Confetti (Hot Pink)

Throw your New Year party in style with the hot pink metallic star confetti. In fact, this metallic star confetti will make your party shine. Thus combine them with other available color confetti to watch the smile and surprise on your guests. This confetti will surely make your bash a blast.  

V : VEI 12″ Mirror Disco Ball

Re-create the Disco club ambiance of yesteryear when the mirror balls used to rule the dance floor with VEI Mirror Disco Ball. Now you can create dramatic effects by directly shining eliminator light onto the mirror disco ball. Moreover the smaller mirror tiles are more resistant to cracking.

W : Tuelip ‘ Happy New Year 2021 ‘ Printed Ceramic Mug with Coaster

Mementos are ideal as gifts for your loved one. Tuelip ‘ Happy New Year 2021 ‘ Printed Ceramic Mug comes in unique and trendy design. The mug is made up of high quality ceramic. Hence, it is perfect to treat you or to be selected as a thoughtful gift. With premium digital printing it has a unique glossy finish.

X : Zest 4 Toyz Christmas Santa Hat, Santa Claus Caps Xmas Caps

Xmas Santa caps are perfect for New Year  party, especially for the kids. As a result, your kid will enjoy and spread party cheer with Zest Xmas caps. These caps are made of soft, fluffy plush material. Additionally, the vibrant red and clean white combination is ideal for perfect party selfie.

Y : Yera Shot Glass Set, 60 ml, Set of 6.

The bar section will surely be the epicenter of your New Year eve party. Thus you must have the right bar-ware and accessories for mixing those perfect cocktails. Year shot glass is perfect for shoot glass or tequila shot. In general, made of premium quality glass this glass set is dishware safe for convenient washing.

Z : Ziggle  Big Golden Popper 12 inch, New Year’s Eve Party Decoration

Make your New Year  party more fun filled and lively with Ziggle Golden Popper. In fact, filled with glittering and shiny paper inside this popper will make your party moments more enjoyable and to remember for long. Thus, twist the bottom part along the marked arrows to create a burst of golden petals.

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