Best Luggage Bags – Travel Trolleys

Best Luggage Bags – Travel Trolleys

Best Luggage Bags – Travel Trolleys

Planning  a trip? Are you searching for the best luggage bags in India? We have listed here the best luggage bags that suits your budget. While searching for travel trolleys online, these guidelines will surely enrich your knowledge about the product before making a purchase. So keep on reading about the best luggage bags.


Do you love to travel? Surely.. Yes!!  But packing your luggage can be a deterring task for any trip.

Whether you are heading out for a long-haul holiday, a quick office trip, an adventurous trek or just a weekend away, you need to ensure that you have a luggage that will last throughout the trip and will carry everything you need.

A right travel bag makes all the differences and can make your trip easier with less hassle. The problem is, with so many choices out there, deciding between the best brands and the perfect luggage can pose a real challenge.

Undoubtedly, most conventional type of luggage bag for men and women, the wheeled trolley is something we’re all familiar with. Rolling luggage is easier to drag along and has beneficial effect on your back because you won’t have the full weight of your suitcase on your body.

Travel trolley bags can be a pricey investment so you need to do some research to make sure you are getting the best carry on for your needs.

Luggage brands around the world roll out well designed travel trolleys with enhanced features each year so as to suit every traveler’s taste and budget.

 You may pick one from the few selections of an unbeatable luggage handpicked by us, to ensure your travel is a smooth and trouble-free experience.


Safari Angle Polyester Check-In Soft Suitcase

Since 1974, Safari trolley bags are one of the preferred travel companions regardless of the purpose of visit. Safari Angle soft suitcase has been designed and built to deliver a strong and reliable construction filled with all the required features to let you relax on your trip.

The exterior fabric is polyester and weather-resistant; thanks to its durability, satisfied customers have star ratted this bag for nearly a decade. Inside it’s just as smart, with two compartments to keep your belongings in place during your travels.

Safari Angle Polyester Check-In Soft Suitcase features

Kamiliant Magnus by American Tourister

American Tourister is long-established luggage brand, offering a range of stylish suitcases at very affordable prices.  

Standout from the crowd by getting your own Kamiliant Magnus by American Tourister. The Kamiliant Magnus would be perfect for your weekend getaways, business trips and vacations.

Needless to say, this luggage piece is effectively lightweight and made from strong, high-quality polyester to provide long-lasting durability. The engineered zipper is also designed to withstand the constant opening and closing of your case.

Kamiliant Magnus by American Tourister Features

Amazon Basics Hardshell Cabin Size Suitcase

Amazon has ventured into the domain of luggage, where the suitcases are produced by third party manufactures and sold under the “AmazonBasics” brand. Out of the 4 different types of luggage, this shiny Hardshell spinner demands worth mentioning.

Made up of extra thick ABS for enhanced strength, the hardshell has a shiny finish to be more aesthetically pleasing.  The fully lined & intuitively designed interior organizer is made from hard-wearing 150D polyester, and includes three separate zippered pockets and divider.

Amazon Basics Hardshell Cabin Size Suitcase Features

Aristocrat Avalon 4W EXP Strolly

Aristocrat Luggage is a trusted name for 43 years among the travel lovers. Offering a range of specialty luggage and travel bags, the brand is recognized today as a leading manufacturer in the industry.

Designed especially for Indian travelers, the Aristocrat Avalon is crafted with Premium 1200 D Polyester fabric or Polycarbonate and features  extra protection provided in the form of corner guards that prevent wear and tear.

 An aluminum telescoping handle provides ergonomic comfort, while the smart combination lock keeps your belongings organized and secured.

Aristocrat Avalon 4W EXP Strolly Features

Samsonite Zenet Check-in Luggage

For more than 100 years Samsonite has been manufacturing iconic luggage that has earned accolade amongst affluent travelers around the world. Samsonite knows luggage.

Like their other products, this Zenet softsided Luggage  is manufactured with highest standards of innovation and quality—so you’re in safe hands . 

Crafted from rugged polyester fabric, this fully loaded Zenet Samsonite luggage has been designed and built with all the required features to let you relax on your trip. Rugged, abrasion-resistant yet classy exterior, multi pocket interior, 4 pairs of heavy-duty wheels and TSA (transportation security administration)  approved dial lock make it ready for rough treatment on long trips.

This surely can be your buy-once-and-done kind of investment, as you can travel with peace of mind knowing that your luggage is protected.


VIP Check-in Luggage (Legion)

VIP has been an inseparable part of India’s travel plans since inception, making your journey a breeze. With the evolving genre and its needs, VIP Bags offers a range of specialty luggage and travel bags.

From this brand, the Legion suitcase comes highly recommended from travel-happy reviewers across the web, with the words “sturdy”, “strong”, “light” ,“maneuverable”, “go for it” etc .

Meticulously created this luggage offer design, shading and specifications to suit diverse taste and requirements of every individual.

With a state-of-the-art soft frame, the case remains lightweight and easy to maneuver while still being incredibly durable. It is the perfect touch of luxe for any traveler or globetrotter.

VIP Check-in Luggage (Legion) Features

Humty Dumty Disney Mickey Mouse Kids Hard Luggage Trolley Bag

Your kids are instantly elated when you disclose the news of heading on a family trip during vacation.  They start planning their activities and selecting the toys they would prefer to carry along with them.

Your children can take responsibility of their own luggage with this funky, sturdy easy moving trolley. Your little prince/ princess will surely love their coveted cartoon characters on their luggage.

A perfect blend of style and utility, this brightly designed trolley luggage bag is a must-have for your kid. This durable suitcase with stylish zipper closures and retractable handle is ideal for travelling long distances and will immediately catch the fancy of the kids.

Humty Dumty Disney Mickey Mouse Kids Hard Luggage Trolley Bag Features

Tell us which of these best luggage bags is your favorite for a tour. Leave us a comment below. 

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