Best kitchen hobs in India 2020

Best Kitchen Hobs

Best Kitchen Hobs In India

Gone are the days when a traditional Indian kitchen was looked into as a utilitarian room in the corner for household chores only. Modern kitchen is a smart one with a perfect blend of cutting edge technology, proper planning and aesthetics. Best kitchen hobs are gaining popularity day by dayAutomation in the kitchen appliances is increasingly transforming an urban kitchen to a smarter one for those who finds solace in their kitchen. Modern kitchen hobs are gradually outnumbering traditional free- standing gas stoves in terms of efficiency, functionality. Thus offering an exquisite trendy finish to the kitchen cabinet.  

Engineered to be installed seamlessly on your kitchen counter-top, a hob is more like a permanent gas stove. Hence it is immobile. Meticulously leveled at the kitchen slab, the gas pipes in built-in hobs are concealed. As a result, it gives a peppy and trendy look to your kitchen.

Before you make a choice of the model and put your money into it you also have to be smarter. It is necessary to research its efficiency, ease of use and maintenance required for smooth functioning.

In this review article, we aim to inform you with the best kitchen hobs in India The pros and cons of using a kitchen hob, and reviews of few best kitchen hobs in India have also been discussed. The major differences between gas stoves and kitchen hobs are also reviewed. Additionally, we discussed the various types of kitchen hobs available in market. Thus, stay with us.. 

Pros & Cons Of Using Kitchen Hobs

Pros :

  1. Your kitchen, being the focal point in the house, needs to have an alluring, contemporary and chic look. Complementing the decor of your kitchen, built-in hobs are increasingly gaining popularity. This popularity is for their aesthetic seamless looks
  2. The auto-ignition feature equips the built-in hobs to provide instant flame. Thereby giving rid of the use of clunky lighters or matchboxes to ignite the flame.
  3. Few hobs come with an array of additive features and modern functionalities. These features are  programmable timers and alarm system to prevent your food getting overcooked, if ever left unattended.


  1. The built-in hobs are installed permanently into the kitchen slab. Thus any requirement for reorientation or replacement becomes a complex process and costly.
  2. The after-usage cleaning of the built-in hobs are a major concern as the entire unit is seamlessly fitted on the kitchen slab.
  3. Compared to free-standing gas stoves, built-in hobs are more expensive. Hence hobs are not a preferred choice of the Lower Income Group or Middle Income Group families.

Difference Between Gas Stoves vs. Kitchen Hobs

At the end of the day, both hobs and gas stoves serve the same purpose. However there are some subtle differences between them:

Kitchen Hobs :

Hobs are more common in UK and other Commonwealth countries. However, in American kitchen usage they are popularly known as “cooktop”.   A hob is fitted permanently into the kitchen slab. As a result, it is immobile and fixed. It blends perfectly with the overall aesthetics of your modular kitchen. It is a space saver for your kitchen. However, since a hob is not portable, one should not opt for it in a rented accommodation. Additionally, the process of upgrading or repairing a hob is more complicated as it is not portable.

Gas Stoves:

On the contrary, burner fitted gas stoves are portable and easier to clean. Most Indian kitchen still prefers traditional gas ovens. This free-standing unit is more flexible for bachelors or families living in rented accommodations.  LPG is prime source of fuel in gas stoves. Thus cooking is done using direct heating. Look wise, gas stoves might look a bit old fashioned. However, manufactures has come up with vast trendy designs that fits your kitchen aesthetics. Do read about the best burner gas stoves in India.

7 Best Kitchen Hobs In India

Selecting a hob for your kitchen mostly depends on your family size, available kitchen space and your budget. Finding a suitable hob for your kitchen can be challenging, but can be solved out with a little research. Here is the list of top 7 kitchen hobs in India based on their functionalities and customer reviews

Prestige Hob Glass Top, 3 Burner, Auto Ignition, (Black and White)

Give your kitchen a premium look and add a class to it with the elegant Prestige Hob convertible gas stove. It is build with toughened Schott glass, with lifetime warranty. This is designed to be the world’s slimmest cook-top. However, the unique convertible design allows you to use it both as a gas stove or a hob.

The modern design of this Prestige Hob with dual color tone uplifts the decor of your kitchen.  The black and white color tones are not only elegantly stylish to look at but are also convenient to clean. Moreover, compliant with all international standards, it has excellent thermal and mechanical shock resistance ability. Thus it is extremely durable and safe.

Imported from Italy, the specially designed lotus shaped SABAF burners are specifically engineered for Indian cooking habits. For your varied cooking needs the burners comes in 3 different large, medium and small sizes. The cast iron pan supports provides maximum stability for the cooking pans.

Its continuous spark technology ensures smooth functioning and instant flame every time you twist the auto ignition knob. With award winning design and ultra slim body this Prestige Hob is the perfect one. Thus it makes your modular kitchen graceful without escalating your budget.


Type :  Convertible. It can be used as a gas stove and a hob.
Body: Schott glass with Lifetime Warranty.
No. of Burners: 3 Sabaf, Italian Burners.
Dimension: 77 X 46 X 14 cm.
Ignition Type : Advanced Auto Ignition.
Prestige Hob Features
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Bosch Gas Hob (PGC6B5B80I)

From the international brand of Bosch, this gas hob comes with features galore but within an affordable budget. Thus it is trusted by millions of customers worldwide. As a result, this compact gas hob is definitely a must have for a medium to small sized family.

This built-in into the cabinet type gas hob comes with three burners. They are placed aesthetically on a glossy stainless steel body. The three burners are placed intuitively such that enough space is provided between them. Thus, it avoids possibility of cramming of the utensils, when placed on the burners.

Keeping Indian cooking style in mind, the burners are made of varied sizes. The left wok burner is the larger one with a maximum power of 3,300 W. The front right Economy burner delivers a maximum power of 1,000 W. Additionally, the rear right High-speed burner has a maximum power of 3,000 W.

The auto-ignition lights up the flame on twisting of the sword control knobs. Moreover, the pan supports with extra loops provides support for convenient cooking experience. Bosch has also inducted the flame failure safety to safeguard your security.


Type : Built-in into the cabinet.
Body: Stainless steel.
No. of Burners: 03
Dimension: 45 X 582 X 520 mm.
Ignition Type : Auto Ignition.
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Seavy, 3 Burner, Built in Hob (Mega Max 3BRN - Black)

Give your kitchen a trendy look with this innovative design, user friendly yet affordable built-in hob by Seavy. Moreover, if you love to cook, this hob is the best one to pamper your culinary skills. As a result, this brand is gaining popularity among Indian families. This is because of their quality kitchen appliances which come at very affordable price.

This built-in hob comes with a black toughened glass top. It is thoughtfully designed to elevate the aesthetics of your modular kitchen. Additionally, the compact design of this hob is a space-saver. Especially for those with space crunches in their kitchen.

3 brass burners are meticulously placed in a triangular structure to avoid cramming of utensils while cooking. The burners are made of varied sizes. Thus it minimize LPG wastage for your varied cooking requirements. 

The heavy duty pan supports can withstand heavy utensils efficiently and are rust free and corrosion free. Additionally, the manual knobs in the base allow easy and efficient control of the flame. Auto ignition technology of these hob ensures instant flame.


Type : Built-in hob.
Body: Toughened glass.
No. of Burners: 03
Dimension: 645mm X 480mm.
Ignition Type : Auto Ignition.
Seavy Hobs Features Best Kitchen Hobs in India
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Hindware,Elisa 3B, Built -in-Hobs (Black)

Empower your kitchen with the superior quality and high performance built-in hob from the house of Hindware Appliances. It is crafted with European design and cutting-edge technology. Thus Elisa 3B hob is a top class choice owing to their robust build and superior looks.

Covered with 8mm toughened glass it boasts a premium look. Moreover, it fulfills the purpose of everyday heavy duty cooking efficiently. The technological and aesthetic content of this built-in hob will surely reduce your cooking time.  Thus, it can be a perfect solution for your modular kitchen for years to come.

This hob comes with 3 Indian Brass Burners. Out of which, 2 are of standard size and the third is an economy burner. Additionally, the cast iron pan supports provides great stability and firm support to your cooking utensils.

The silver ZAMAC knobs are easy to operate. Thus providing a shiny look to the hob. The SS matte finish drip tray collects all the slippage during cooking activity. Thus it makes easier to clean the hob. The auto ignition with pulse igniter, delivers instant flame without any lighter or matchstick.


Type : Built-in hob.
Body: 8mm Toughened glass.
No. of Burners: 03 Brass burners.
Dimension: 780 mm X 450 mm X 130 mm.
Ignition Type : Pulse Igniter (DC 1.5V Battery) .
Hindware Hob Features
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Kaff Tempered Glass, 3 Burner Hob (Black)

If you wish to furnish your kitchen or replace your old hob, then look no further than the elegant Kaff 3 burner hob. Whether it is for a special get-together or your everyday cooking, this Kaff hob will make your effort a pure pleasure.

Meticulously integrated into the kitchen counter-top, this sleek built-in hob gives a touch of style to your kitchen that you have dream of. The 8 mm thick top is made of black tempered glass. Hence it is easy to maintain and scratch resistant. 

Intuitively placed 3 brass burners are engineered with 1 triple flame and 2 dual flame burners for varied Indian cooking needs. Moreover, the elegant burners are rugged structured yet simple and easy to clean. Additionally, the stainless steel dip tray allows spillage and stains to be cleaned easily.

The enameled matte finish grills are sturdy enough to support large utensils firmly while cooking. The stylish silver color knobs are convenient to grip. Thus, it ensures precision control of the flame. Additionally, the auto electric ignition flames the burner instantly on twisting of the knob.


Type : Built-in hob.
Body: 8mm Toughened glass.
No. of Burners: 03 Brass burners.
Dimension: 600 mm X 500 mm.
Ignition Type : Auto Electric ignition.
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Elica, 4 Burner Auto Ignition Glass Hob, (Classic Brass 4B 60)

Whet your appetite for cooking with this built-in hob from the Italian brand of Elica. Keeping in mind the Indian cooking style and requirements, Elica has launched a range of built-in hobs. Thus, it makes your cooking experience less stressful and fun.

The premium black glass finish not only beautifies the aesthetics of your kitchen but is also durable and long-lasting. Moreover, Elica hobs are fitted with premium quality easy operating metallic knobs. As a result, these knobs ensure friction-less rotation. Thus adjusting the degree of the flame becomes a smooth one.

This Elica hob is featured with 4 distinct sized burners. 3 double ring burners are featured for your varied cooking needs. Additionally, there is one mini triple ring brass burner. The pan support, made of cast iron with matte enamel, forms a round grid. Thus it ensures the stability of cookware while cooking.

Enduring performance is guaranteed with this premium toughened black glass cook-top. Thus it ensures durability from corrosion and scratches.  Moreover, intuitively designed to suit varied Indian cooking diversities, the ring brass burners are featured to support different size and shape of cooking vessels. This hob is ideal for medium to big sized families. 


Type : Immovable Built-in hob.
Body: Premium Toughened glass finish.
No. of Burners: 04.
Dimension: 60 x 52.5 x 10.6 cm.
Ignition Type : Auto ignition.4 distinct3 double ringburner
Elica Hob Features
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Glen 4 Burner, Built in Glass Hob 1074

Pamper your daily culinary skills with this built in glass hob from the internationally acclaimed brand of Glen. It is an ideal combination of aesthetics and performance. This Glen 1074 model has been engineered keeping Indian cooking habits in mind.

The 8 mm thick top made of toughened glass is easy to maintain and scratch resistant. Additionally, this model is featured with 4 forged brass burners with 2 larger and 2 small burners for utmost cooking convenience. Moreover, the burners are intuitively place so that the cooking utensils do not get crammed while cooking.

The vitreous enameled pan support is strong enough to accommodate heavy vessels conveniently. Apart from this, its smart and elegant Bakelite knobs with firm grip allow hassle free operation. At the same time, the matte steel drip tray collects the entire spill over. Thus the slippage can be cleaned easily to maintain the hygiene in the kitchen.

The Italian gas valve, featured in this hob ensures total safety. In addition to this, the integrated auto ignition affirms instant steady flame. Thus eliminating the need of lighters or matchstick. Additionally, it can be converted to PNG gas on request, as it supports only LPG supply.


Type : Built-in hob.
Body: 8 mm Toughened glass.
No. of Burners: 04 ( 2 Big & 2 Small) .
Dimension: Hob : 700 x 510 . Opening : 658 x 479 mm.
Ignition Type : Integrated Auto ignition.isis
Glen Hob Features
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What are the different Types of Kitchen Hobs?

Broadly classified, kitchen hobs can either work on electricity or on gas. However, functionally hobs can be classified under five categories.  Let us discuss one by one:

Gas Hobs

LPG is the most common source of fuel in Indian kitchen. Gas hobs provide instant, direct heat and precise cooking. Gas hobs are flexible to control as they use supporting burners with visible flames.


The running costs of gas hobs are much economical than the electric hobs. Since the cookware comes in direct contact of the flame, any type or shape of the vessel can be used. Gas hobs are more flexible to use, as it comes with various burner sizes.

Gas on Glass Hobs

They are basically gas hobs, but the burners are mounted on the top of a sleek ceramic glass.  As a result, these hobs look more elegant and stylish and are easier to clean any slippage.


This model is generally made with toughened glass material and comes with warranty.

Electric Hobs

As the name suggests electric hobs are powered by electricity and do not have any features like oven or grill. Electric hobs take one or two minutes to warm up as the heating system is placed beneath the strong ceramic glass surface. Electric hobs are generally classified as :

Induction Hobs

Induction hobs are relatively recent invention. They uses electromagnetism principle to cook food, rather than electric heating element or LPG gas.  As a result, when a cooking pan is placed on the induction zone of the hob, an electromagnetic field will generate a current. This flowing current generates the required heat needed for cooking.


Induction hobs are very much efficient and heats up really fast. Thus they can be an effective alternative to gas operated hobs.

Ceramic Hobs

In ceramic hobs the electric heating elements lies underneath the glass surface. Thus posing a stylish look. However ceramic hobs do not generate heat as evenly as other traditional hobs. Thus it makes cooking a bit more difficult.

Domino Hobs

Domino hobs are rectangular or “domino” shaped hobs. They are available in gas induction and ceramic varieties.  They are an ideal space-saving solution for kitchens with limited work-space.

Final Words

A hob is a blessing for us to keep our kitchens neat and clean. Hobs are relatively new concept for Indian kitchens. But they are gaining popularity day by day. A kitchen hob not only makes your life tension-free, but also takes care of your health. We have reviewed few of the best kitchen hob available online. This article can make your buying decision easier. Thus, analyze all the features thoroughly before selecting the perfect one for your kitchen.

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