Best Double Door Refrigerators

Best Double Door Refrigerator

Best Double Door Refrigerators

Looking for a best double door refrigerator? Here, in this article, you will find the top double-door fridge with all the necessary details, different features of the top brand refrigerators and a comprehensive buyer’s guide for the best double door refrigerators.

Keeping the freshness of your ingredients is just as important as keeping your recipes intact. A double door refrigerator does precisely the same thing for you.

Refrigerator is an appliance that is not a luxury now a days. It has become a ubiquitous, necessity for every Indian home today. Proper refrigeration helps to reduce oxidation and prevents excessive ripening of fruits and vegetables. Thus keeping them fresh for long.

 Your refrigerator is the essential household large appliance that often consumes the highest amount of energy. An improper model selection can take a toll on your monthly electricity bill.

Modern double door refrigerators are very energy efficient compared to older refrigerator models from a few decades ago. The energy efficiency of a refrigerator has shoot up commendably in the last two decades.

Almost all of today’s models consume 25% or less energy than that consumed by the models of the past decades. Star ratings (Energy Efficiency Rating), given in the table below, are a good buying guide.

Refrigerator Star ratings (Energy Efficiency Rating)

While hunting for the most efficient refrigerator models available, perhaps the most frightening aspect is the idea of how deep you have to dig into your pocket. But keep this in mind, even though you may need to pay a little more money upfront, that initial investment will pay help for itself in long run.

Selecting a stylish refrigerator can be considered as half the battle. The most important factor in deciding on a new double door refrigerator is determining what size will be suitable for your kitchen.

Refrigerators are generally categorized according to their internal capacity in cubic feet. 

Double door Refrigerator comes with a plethora of new models to choose from — enough to make the process of picking one out a little bit overwhelming.

Confused?…Relax!!  In this page we will guide you through the most energy efficient double door refrigerators in India.

LG 4-Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (Inverter Compressor)

This refrigerator from the globally acclaimed brand of LG, offers complete convenience with its multiple functionalities. 

The model is equipped with the Ice Beam Door Cooling technology. Thus it circulates cold air from vents, along with the back, to ensure through cooling throughout the refrigerator.  

The air vents possess deodorizing catalyst to remove unpleasant odors.

LG’s new Smart Inverter compressor is an energy-efficient one. Hence it adjusts its cooling power according to the amount of food in this refrigerator to save energy.

Its Smart Connect feature helps to connect your refrigerator to home inverter. As a result, this ensures uninterrupted operation even during power cuts.

If accidentally the door of the refrigerator or the freezer remains open for 1 minute, an alarm will sound three times. The alarm will repeat every 30 seconds, if the door still remains open.

LG’s innovative Smart Diagnosis feature troubleshoots issues in no time. If you ever face any issue, just call at LG Customer Service Helpline and place your phone on your refrigerator. Your refrigerator will then communicate with a Customer Service computer to fetch a remedy in no time.

With LG Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator you’ll get the performance, style and energy efficiency you has always wanted.

LG Table1-features

Samsung Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (Inverter Compressor)

Samsung is a leading brand in consumer electronics. It is also a pioneer in the world of major home appliances as well.

Stylish and elegant, this Samsung Double Door Refrigerator  is a energy efficient, frost free refrigerator. The model packs in good features, sumptuous looks, excellent build quality and great performance.

This refrigerator is infused with Digital Inverter technology which automatically adjusts the compressor speed. Thus efficiently maintaining the temperature of the refrigerator.

This refrigerator features all round cooling, and maintains near-commercial grade humidity levels to keep perishable fruits and vegetables from spoiling quickly. 

It suffices all your needs along with adding a dash of elegance in your kitchen.

Samsung Table1-features

Haier 3-Star, Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Haier has revolutionized the convention refrigerator concept in Indian household. Now get rid of bending every time to take out stuffs from your refrigerator with Haier’s Bottom mounted refrigerator (BMR) feature. The 360 degree cooling technology circulates the cold air thoroughly in the refrigerator.

All of these incredible, game-changing features are what has propelled Haier into the highest echelon of refrigeration production and customer satisfaction.

The freezer unit is placed at the bottom in this BMR feature. Thus you can do away with much bending every time to take out stuff from your refrigerator.

Who doesn’t want fresh crispy veggies and fruits in their fridges? Thanks to the 2x bigger vegetable crisper drawer to store more and for longer in this refrigerator. Thus freshness is guaranteed. 

Haier 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Features

Whirlpool 4-Star, Inverter Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator

Among the most popular home appliance brands in India Whirlpool is the champion. In the double door refrigeration segment, the company offers plethora of options. Out of which this Inverter Frost-Free refrigerator is targeted at budget- conscious consumers.

Equipped with an Adaptive Intelligence Microprocessor and 3 IntelliSensors ( for Load Sensing, Weather Sensing, Usage Pattern Sensing), this Whirlpool refrigerator delivers optimum cooling. Thus keeping your recipes, fruits &  veggies fresh for a prolonged period.

Thanks to the Freshonizer feature, that reduces oxidation to maintain the refrigerator’s environment remains fresh and odor-free.

Do you hate fingerprints on your fridge door? Unwanted smudges?  Unhesitatingly this refrigerator is then the right choice for you.

Whirlpool Table1-features


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Godrej 3-Star, Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Godrej is an established and highly trusted household name in home and electronic appliances.

The EON refrigeration unit comes in a unique silver meadow red exotica shade. As a result, this model will surely earn you accolades from your guests.

The EON refrigerators are also equipped with Zinc Oxide Protection (ZOP) technology to prevent rust formation along the wall. This improves the durability. 

In order to prevent odor mixing, carbon palladium deodorizer filters are also present in the refrigerator.

The simple yet stylish design of the refrigerator matches any kind of kitchen. 


Panasonic 3-Star, Inverter Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator

Keeping the health of your family in mind, this Panasonic Inverter double-door refrigerator is thoroughly crafted. Thus it provides an efficient solution to all your refrigeration needs.

The ECONAVI inverter is a unique invention, that detect and analyses the conditions of use. It then optimizes cooling performances for energy saving. 

Its innovative AG clean Technology keeps bacteria, molds and other harmful chemicals at bay. Thus retaining the natural freshness and nutrition in your food.

The Silver Air Filter of this refrigerator deactivates up to 99.9% of molds and bacteria from it, while reducing odors.

Panasonic Table1-features

Bosch 2-Star, Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

German-Engineered kitchen appliances by Bosch are guaranteed to bring you quality and efficiency. Thus to making your life easy. Bosch has extensive experience designing innovative kitchen products in order to meet the needs of the consumer.

Its VitaFresh Plus Advanced German Technology prevent excess moisture from forming. Hence retaining just the right amount of moisture to increase freshness. 

The no frost function of this refrigerator saves the trouble of you having to manually defrost it every time. No fingerprint marks feature protects the elegant cool looks of it.

A fully imported product, it is equipped with Electronic Temperature Control with touch screen controller.

As a result, the slim size of this fridge combined with subtle hidden hinges makes it a great choice for urban apartments and modern luxury kitchens. 

Bosch 2-Star, Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator Features


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