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Best Dishwashers

Best Dishwashers in India

Many of us do not have the time or fond of household chores. After a great meal, cleaning up the dishes is surely the irksome task of all. Either you have to appease your domestic help, or yourself have to sink scrub them. Now washing a volume of dishware, pans, and cutlery set by hand can be really time consuming. It causes a lot of water wastage also. Any one of the best dishwashers can be a rescuer for you.

A dishwasher is well worth the investment, when it comes to energy and time saving. Being the most indispensable part of your kitchen, your dishwasher can take care of the mess quite efficiently. An efficient dishwasher will save you a lot of tedious sink-time. A dishwasher makes life easier. As a result, it is a wise investment.

A dishwasher keeps your kitchenware germ free. It dries up the cleaned dishes at high temperature. Thus keeps your kitchen tidy. Its filter needs to be cleaned periodically. The LED panel enables easy touch control. Thus your piece of mind is guaranteed. Say good-bye to your maid’s tantrums.

A Dishwasher is no longer a luxury. It is gaining popularity in modern Indian kitchens day by day. In fact, addition of a dishwasher to your kitchen allows you to keep it clean and hygienic. It does not burden your electricity bills. This labor-saving appliance for your kitchen is undoubtedly a boon of the modern technology.

In this review article, we will apprise you with the best dishwashers in India.  Different types of dishwashers, along with a comprehensive dishwasher buying guide, and reviews of best 5 dishwashers in India has also been discussed. Lastly we will discuss the top benefits to use a dishwasher and things  to avoid washing in a dishwasher.

Types of Dishwashers

Modern day dishwashers are available in varied sizes, configurations and installation types. They come with some splendid features. Broadly, dishwashers can be categorized under four major types. This is based on your requirements, features and budget.

  • Free-Standing Dishwashers

This type of dishwashers is most popular and fits perfectly into any Indian kitchen. Being a free standing appliance, this type of dishwasher is portable. Thus it can be fitted into any available slot. Usually it is positioned near the kitchen sink

As a result, they come as a permanent solution to dish-washing chore for families or individuals. Particularly for those, who has to move frequently to different cities due to their transferable job.  

  • Built-in Dishwashers

This category dishwasher is ideal for families with permanent home. The dishwasher is installed directly under the kitchen counter top. Hence, it is often integrated with the domestic water and plumbing system. It do not require any faucet to be connected. Thus keeping the kitchen sink fee to use. This is a permanently fitted type and hence not ideal for those living in rented apartments. 

Built-in dishwashers again can be Semi-Integrated type or Fully-Integrated model.

  • Semi-integrated  dishwasher  integrates into the kitchen cabinet. But the control panel is visible on the door. They are comparatively cheaper than the fully-integrated variant.
  • Fully-integrated models conceal the dishwasher along with the control panel inside the kitchen cabinet.
  • Drawer Dishwashers

As the name suggest, this dishwasher can be pulled out like cabinet drawers. They are available as a single drawer or a double drawer model. Drawer dishwashers are ideal for nuclear or small size families. These types of dishwashers are yet to be popular in India.

  • Countertop Dishwashers

Counter-top dishwashers are extremely versatile units. They easily adapt to your needs. These dishwashers are highly economical and are perfect for kitchens with space constraints. The main advantage of this type dishwashers are their compact size. Just like your microwave, the counter-top dishwasher can sit on top of any flat surface or even fit underneath the cabinet.  

Dishwasher Buying Guide

Are you looking for a brand new dishwasher? Or willing to replace your old one? You have to trade-off between functionalities and performance, while selecting a dishwasher for your kitchen. Let us list here few of the important features you should consider before buying a dishwasher:

  •  Capacity & Family Size :

Dishwashers are available in various sizes. The capacity of the dishwasher that is ideal for your kitchen depends on the size of your family. Bachelors or nuclear families can easily go for 8-10 place settings.  Medium or bigger Indian families need a bigger 12-14 place settings dishwasher.

  •  Types of dishwasher:

All 4 types of dishwasher have been discussed above. You can choose according to your available place, budget, frequency of usage, family size and personal preference.

  •  Brand:

Indian consumers are pretty conscious about brand name. The goodwill of various brands  mostly depends on the product quality, price, warranty, and after sale support. Hence Bosch, IFB, Siemens, Fabel, LG are few of the brands you can opt for.

  •  Energy Efficiency:

Energy star rated dishwashers get your kitchenware clean efficiently. Thus saving gallons of water. They reduce your electricity bills and protect the environment. Dishwashers with stainless steel racks are the most efficient compared to others.

  • Wash Programs & Speed:

All dishwashers have an array of wash programs inbuilt to maximize efficiency. Hence, the quality of cleaning and the time taken to complete the wash process depend on the program you set your dishwasher to run on. Every dishwasher has the common standard programs. They guarantee your dishes come out clean. Some special programs are only available in more expensive dishwashers from certain brands.

  •  Touch Control Panel:

The exterior aesthetic of your dishwasher largely depends on the placement of the touch control panel. The Front control dishwasher has its control panel on the outside front of its door. It is clearly visible when the door is closed. On the other hand, in Top control dishwasher, the control panel is not visible with the door closed. It has all its controls on the top of the door.

  •  Sensors:

Sensors of your dishwasher should detect efficiently the volume of the grime on the dishes. After that, they adjust the water and power needed to clean effectively.

  • Soil Sensors monitor the volume of dirt on the dishes. Thus they adjust the cleaning cycle time as per need.
  • Temperature Sensors senses the water temperature. Hence they prevent the dishwasher from overheating. Excessive heat  may damage your dishware.
  • Water sensors monitor the optimum water pressure required for a perfect wash.
  • Detergent & Rinse Aid sensors determine the perfect quantity of detergent and rinse aid required for the best cleaning.
  • Hard Water Compatibility:

Nearly all Indian taps supply hard water. Hence, the dishwasher manufacturers provide a dedicated chamber to soften this hard water. It is done using typical dishwasher salts. This softening of the hard water ensures that the detergent dissolves quickly and efficiently. As a result of this hard water treatment unwanted scaling of the equipment can also be prevented.

  •  Noise Level:

Your dishwasher can be a noisy appliance. Average dishwasher produces around 52 dB of sound. Hence, it can be irksome to senior persons in your house. Few manufactures has reduced the noise level of their products to around 44 dB. But you may need to pay some extra for that.

Bosch, 12 Place Settings, Free-Standing Dishwasher (SMS66GI01I)

Bosch is a German engineering company. Appliances by Bosch are best to deliver quality and efficiency. Undoubtedly it makes your life easy. The premium brand Bosch, has extensive experience designing innovative kitchen products in order to meet the needs of the consumer.

In this model, 12 place settings is distributed over two rows. Hence it is ideal for medium sized family, up to 6 members. Perfect for any Indian kitchen, this dish washer has 12 place settings with 06 wash programs. The 06 wash programs are intuitively designed. Specifically keeping Indian kitchen requirements in mind. The wash programs are vividly described on the top panel of the door. The programs are:

  • Intensive-Kadhai-70˚:   Typically programmed for immensely soiled Indian kadhais, pots and pans. The dishwasher intensely washes with scalding hot water at 70 ˚C. Thus ensuring optimal cleaning and drying results.
  • Express Sparkle: This mode saves time to wash shiny utensils, at temperature under 65 ˚C.
  • Auto mode: Ideal for lightly to normal soiled dishes. The loaded sensors adjusts the amount of water and its temperature between 45-65 ˚Celsius.
  • Eco mode: In this mode, the dishwasher washes the normally soiled dishes with low energy consumption at around 50˚ Celsius.
  • Quick mode: Ideal for lightly soiled dishes. The dish washer washes at temperature of 45˚ Celsius. The cookwares are cleaned in 29 minutes without drying.
  • Pre-rinse mode: The dishwasher generally uses it to pre-rinse the dishes.    

The front display panel is equipped with LED  for salt refill indicator, LED for rinse aid refill indicator and Program remaining time LED indicator. This free standing type dishwasher weighs approximately 44.5 kg. Moreover, it is easy to operate.

It operates at a noise level of 52 dB. Hence, it is a bit noisy. The childproof door lock feature makes it safer for young ones even while functioning. 

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Siemens, 12 Place Settings, Dishwasher (SN256I01GI, Silver Inox)

German engineering company Siemens is an international brand for home electronic appliances. This dishwasher by Siemens promises performance, durability and quality. Hence it is the perfect choice for any Indian household. 

It is made up of stainless steel and glass care system.Thus making it strong and durable. It looks beautiful.

The dishwasher comes with 12 place settings. It offers a 06 program setting for washing. Namely : Intensive Plus (at 70 ˚C), Express Sparkle (at 65 ˚C), the Auto mode (at 45-65 ˚C), Eco (at 50 ˚C), Quick (at 45 ˚C) and Pre-rinse mode. Thus you get array of options to wash your utensils.

The “Hygiene Plus” feature of this free-standing dish washer ensures antibacterial dish washing. There by, eliminating up to 99.99% of all germs and bacteria

The “pre-activated Vario Speed” reduces the wash cycle time considerably. However, this does not compromise with perfect washing results. As a result, you can maintain the hygiene in your kitchen. 

A time delay of 1 hour to 24 hours can be set for operation to start.  Thus you can schedule it according to your preference. The display panel on the top is equipped with LED salt refill indicator, LED rinse aid refill indicator. Due to this, it is user friendly.

The half load option enables you to operate while loading either the top or bottom racks. Thus saving water and power simultaneously. You need not have to wait for the dishwasher to be fully loaded.

The iQdrive motor inside the dish washer is very efficient, quiet and durable. Thus you need not have to worry about its performance.  

Children are completely safe, thanks to its childproof door lock. As a result, you will find all the features you are looking for in your dishwasher. 

Additionally, it comes with 2 years manufacturer warranty. Overall, it is a marvel.

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IFB Neptune VX, Fully Electronic, Free-Standing, Dishwasher ( Dark Silver )

With the tagline “Set yourself free”, IFB has been manufacturing home appliances for over three decades with repute. In compliance to their tag, they are focused to make your kitchen work easy.

The elegant dark silver colored IFB Neptune Dishwasher is ideal for medium sized family. Hence it can be your regular kitchen companion. This will never disappoint you. 

With 12 place settings, it provides excellent utilization of space inside. It is featured with modular lower cutlery basket and fold-able wires in lower rack. Additionally, there are 4 shelves in upper rack with an adjustable mug shelf. Thus you get enough space for your soiled utensils.

The dishwasher is designed with 8 wash programs: Normal, pre-wash, delicate, hygiene, auto normal, auto-intensive, quick, and super 60-degree centigrade. There by, you get ample options for washing. Its Steam dying feature ensures perfect drying of utensils without any marks, drops or streaks. As a result, you will get a perfect cleaning.

The water softening device softens hard water so that the detergent can dissolve perfectly. As a result, you do not get scaling problem. The display panel on the top is equipped with salt refill LED indicator, rinse aid refill LED indicator

The half load option enables you to load either the top or bottom racks according to your requirement for quick washing. Thus you need not have to wait to load it fully.

With a high rating of A++, this dishwasher is super energy efficient. It has a rated energy consumption of 0.9 kWh and uses just 9 liters of water per day. Hence it conserving a lot of water wastage.

Additionally, the child lock feature ensures kid’s safety. Its noise level is lower than 50 dB. Because of these features, it is gaining popularity in Indian houses.

IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher features
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Faber 14 Place Settings Dishwasher (FFSD 8PR 14S, Silver)

Faber India has introduced modern dishwashers, keeping in mind the needs of modern Indian families. For this reason, the FFSD 8PR 14S model by Faber  seamlessly fit right into your kitchen.  

This 14 place settings dishwasher is ideal for medium sized family, up to 6 members. This dishwasher has 14 place settings with 08 wash programs. As a result, you will get wide options to choose from. The wash programs are vividly described on the top panel of the door. The programs are:

  • Auto: In this mode the dish washer automatically determine the amount of water and time needed.
  • Normal: Meant for everyday dish cleaning.
  • Eco: Ideal for normally soiled kitchenware. This mode efficiently program the combined energy and water consumption.
  • Intensive: This program is ideal for heavily soiled or dried-on stuff kitchenware.
  • Rapid: For lightly soiled kitchenware. Thus, this mode can be used for a quick wash.
  • Soak: This program pre-wash the kitchenware to rinse away the food particles before loading for a full wash.
  • 90min: For normally soiled kitchenware. This program thoroughly cleans and dries them within 90 min.
  • Glass: Specifically used for cleaning glassware.

This dishwasher comes with innovative 3-D Wash technology.  Water comes out from 3 spray arms. As a result, no corner is left uncovered by the water jet. Thus resulting in sparkling clean cookware in 15% less time. Additionally the glide rails ensure easy movement of baskets with loads as high as 9 kg.

Height adjustable baskets are designed for the various cutlery needs in an Indian kitchen. Hence you are promised to get super clean, hygienic and super dry kitchenware.

Faber 14 Place Settings Dishwasher features
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Bosch, 13 Place Settings, Fully Integrated, Built in Dishwasher (SMV46KX01E)

This dishwasher is also from the internationally brand of Bosch. This Integrated Built in Dishwasher is one of the few built in dishwashers available online. As a result, it is gaining popularity day by day. It will not disappoint you.

Its is featured with 13 place settings. This dish washer comes with 3 stages inside. Thus you get enough space to place your soiled utensils. The top basket has 2 fold-able plate racks and 2 cup shelves. The cutlery drawer is placed on the top. It washes your cutlery set separately. Hence the knifes are safe inside.

It is designed with 6 wash programs for your varied needs. Because of this, you get ample options to operate. Namely: Intensive, Eco, Auto, Glass, Quick wash, Pre Rinse with 5 cleaning temperatures. Thus, these programs are same as we got in the Bosch Model above. Additionally it has 3 special options: Vario-Speed-Plus, Hygiene Plus and Extra Dry.

The display panel is equipped with salt refill LED indicator, rinse aid refill LED indicator and Programme remaining time LED indicator. Thus you do not have to worry about the ingredient refill. An info-Light red LED glows from the top directed to the floor. This indicates the dish washer is in action. It gets off once the cleaning is done. In this way, you get informed easily on completion of washing. 

It comes with Aqua-Sensor, Load Sensor, Eco-silence Drive. Hence, the dishwasher adjusts according to the load. Moreover, this dishwasher works silently at a noise level of 46 dB. It has a stylish look.

Child safety is ensured with the childproof door lock. Due to this, your kids remain safe.

This dishwasher is highly energy efficient. Additionally, this built in dishwasher from Bosch has been rated A++ in Eco 50. Its energy consumption is only 0.92 kWh and water consumption is about 11-14 liters. This is why, it is one of the most efficient built-in dishwasher available.

However, this model from Bosch is not a low budget product. As a result, you need to spend more for it. 

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Top Benefits to use a Dishwasher

There is an old school of thought that washing dishes by hand are better and safer for health. But modern research has proved otherwise. Dishwashers are actually more efficient and less time consuming. Apart from being beneficial for your health they also save a lot of water wastage. Hence they are environment friendly too. Here are few of the benefits a dishwasher offer. As a result, these will surely trigger you to rethink your current dish washing habits.

  •  Better sanitary than hands

Dish washers put the dishware through numerous cycles of cleaning with extremely hot water. Hence ensuring an anti-bacterial thorough cleaning. A temperature higher up to 70˚C is maintained to rinse the dishes. Thus it assures proper sanitation of your kitchenware.

  •  Time efficient

The prime benefit of having a dish washer in your kitchen is that, it saves a significant amount of your tedious sink-time. Hence, let your dish washer take care of the mess. As a result, you can carry on with your other pending works.

  •  Minimize Damages

Cleaning your dishware with soapy hands might cause slippage. Thus it may end up breaking your favorite dish unintentionally. Because of less handling, a dish washer guarantees better safety of your fancy kitchenware. As a result, your dishware are safe.

  • Saves water and minimizes electricity bill

Do you know how much a fully loaded dishwasher saves? It saves approximately around 60 liters., Thus in comparison to same load washed manually, it is huge. An efficient dish washer uses minimum amount of water and electricity. Hence it is more environment friendly.

Things to avoid washing in a dishwasher

Dishwashers are a blessing for the modern home makers. But you need to be cautious what you put into your dishwasher. Or else you may do more harm than good. Thus, you need to be careful. Few of the things are enlisted here, that you should avoid loading into your dish washer.

  • Sharp kitchen knives

Kitchen knives can lose their sharpness due to continuous rubbing against other cutlery during washing cycles. Hence it’s advisable to wash them separately by hand. This will preserve their sharpness.

  •  Wooden items

Scalding hot water inside the dish washer can crack or deform the wooden utensils. As a result, wooden utensils can get damaged.  Thus it’s better to wash them separately. 

  • Cast-iron cookware

Cast-iron pans are seasoned with baked-on oil, to prevent rust. The harsh detergent and excessive hot water in the dishwasher strips away this seasoning. Hence hands wash them with nonabrasive sponges and plain water.

  • Nonstick cookware

Harsh detergents and excessively high drying temperature of your dishwasher can take a toll on the nonstick coating of your cookware. Thus unless the nonstick coating is specifically mentioned by the manufacturer as “dishwasher safe”, avoid them in the dish washer. It’s better to wash them separately.

  • Pressure cooker lids

During the wash cycles, small food particles or dishwasher detergent can clog in the safety valves of pressure cooker lids. Hence, never wash your pressure cooker lids in the dish washer. Though the cooker pot may go through dishwasher cycle perfectly well.

  • Plastic containers

The hot water in the dishwasher may deform or melt plastic. Hence, plastic containers, which are specifically marked as “dishwasher safe” should be placed on the top rack only. It is better to wash them by hand.

  • Containers with paper labels

If you want to wash your paper labeled containers in the dish washer, remove the label first. Those labels usually come off in the dishwasher. Thus they can get stuck in the filter, or can clog the dishwasher drain, causing serious problem.

Hence, it is better to be careful while loading the dishwasher.

Final Words

A dishwasher is a blessing for us. Dishwashers are relatively new concept for Indian kitchens. But they are gaining popularity day by day. A dish washer not only makes your life tension-free, but also takes care of your health.  A hygienic kitchen keeps a family fit and healthy. Additionally it takes care of our electricity bills. We have reviewed few of the best dishwashers available online. This article can make your buying decision easier. Thus, analyze all the features thoroughly before selecting the perfect one for your kitchen.

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