Best Burner Gas Stoves

Best Burner Gas Stoves

Looking for the Best Burner Gas Stoves for you kitchen? Worried about the budget for burner gas stove? A comprehensive study on the Top Burner Gas Stoves can help you to take a final call  before buying. 


A sumptuous food is a fuel for your soul, not just a feed for stomach. The kitchen is the hub of any Indian home.  The kitchen must not be just intuitively designed and decor but also equipped properly.

Gas Stove burner is the heart of your kitchen. Effectively it makes cooking easier. It has become an indispensable part of our lives.

In this era of advanced technology, conventional stainless steel cooking gas stoves are being rapidly replaced by much improved and aesthetically designed cooktops

An efficient stove burner reduces cooking hassles, speeds up your cooking time. Thereby giving you a more enjoyable kitchen experience.

Being the most popular heat source in most Indian kitchens gas burners offers instant heat. If you are looking for built-in kitchen hobs, you mar read best kitchen hobs in India.

Hence, with the ever escalating electricity bills and inflation in the cost of living, gas is still the cheaper option

Which Gas Stove to buy? 2 burner or 3 burner or 4 burners?

A gas stove is an indispensable part of your life. Selecting the perfect gas stove for your kitchen needs some serious exercise before making a buying decision.  

Therefore you need to figure out first, the number of burners you require in your cook top. Here is a guideline:

2 Burner Stoves

Ideal for a bachelor/spinster or a newly married couple, where the volume of daily cooking is less. It is also budget friendly. 

It takes up much lesser space and is very convenient enough to cook two recipes side by side. Fuel consumption is also less. Thus making it the most preferred one. 

3 Burner Stoves

Go for a 3 burner stove if the family is middle sized and you have to manage a lot of cooking and boiling activities simultaneously. 

Featured with three different sized burners, it caters your varying needs of cooking efficiently.  The central burner slightly recessed to the far end.

4 Burner Stoves 

Suitable for a large sized family, in houses where the volume of daily cooking is sizable or for those with time crunch. 

One main drawback of a 4 burner stove is that you have to be careful while taking out the cooking vessel from a far end burner over the near end one in action.


Conventional gas stoves are portable free standing units that can rest upon the kitchen slab. They are relatively less expensive.  A habit of cleaning it regularly after use, keeps your gas stove tidy and shiny. Thus maintaining the hygiene of your kitchen.

With a range of choices and options available in market, choosing the right gas stove can seem to be quite an intimidating task.

A comprehensive buying guide is enlisted below, comprising of the best burner gas stove handpicked for your hassle-free buying experience. 

Prestige Marvel Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

Gas stoves are the essence of an Indian kitchen. Especially if it is from the age old prestigious brand of Prestige; it adds elegance and a classic touch to your kitchen. 

Stunning looks of the Prestige Marvel gas stove mingles perfectly with the aesthetics of your kitchen. It does not escalate your budget.

Perfect for nuclear Indian families, it comes with a toughened shatter proof black glass top and powder coasted body

Thoughtfully designed to consume less counter-top space. The ISI mark guarantees its conformation to the Indian Standard. Hence ensuring a trouble free and safe operation.

The product is made of corrosion resistant premium quality brass. The proficient tri-pin burners differ in size to provide perfect support for the varied types of vessels for cooking. 

With the smooth functioning of the ignition system through the ergonomically designed knobs, make your cooking a fun and safe experience every day.


Key Features

  • Elegant black toughened glass surface of this gas stove is scratch resistant and has high heat bearing capacity. Thus ensuring durability.
  • The stable and sturdy pan support safeguards the steadiness of the pots and cooking vessels. Hence enabling uniform heating for perfect cooking.
  • Spill-proof design allows for hassle-free cooking and a hygienic kitchen.
  • Thanks to the ergonomic knob design, that makes turning the knob easy on the fingers.

Amazon Brand - Solimo 2 Burner Gas Stove

Launched in April 2018 by Amazon, Solimo is a  private brand. Solimo has engineered this 2 burner gas stove with Indian cooking habits in mind.  

A perfect amalgamation of aesthetics, efficiency and performance. It is an ideal buy for bachelors, couples or nuclear families.

The ISI certification safeguards authenticity and safe operation, in accordance to Indian standards.

The 6 mm black toughened glass top can withstand high temperatures. The product has been elegantly crafted to enhance your culinary experience.  

Intuitively designed pan supports accommodated pans of varied sizes over the two burners. The burners are adequately spaced to cook dishes side by side.

The high quality brass burners are made of two distinct sizes: 1 small one and the other bigger sized.  Hence it cater your varied cooking objectives. Effectively it saves your gas consumption. 

With 3 concentric arrays of flame exits, these burners ensure uniform heat distribution to the cooking vessel.

 A 360 degree revolving Swivel gas inlet featured on the back makes it convenient to direct the inlet towards the LPG supply pipe. It avoids unwanted wear and tear of the supply pipe. 

Designed ergonomically, the knobs are smooth and easy to operate, ensuring precision flame control.


Key Features

  • Crafted with toughened 6 mm thick black gas top, it is a combination of efficiency, performance and aesthetic looks.
  • The spill proof drip trays collect the entire spillover. Hence making cleaning your kitchen a hassle free task.
  • The rigid pan supports firmly accommodates all major sizes of pans for uniform heat distribution.
  • The Swivel gas inlet on the back is flexible to revolve a 360 degree to fit into the LPG connecting pipe perfectly.

Butterfly Prism Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

Simplicity and ease of operation has made gas stoves an indispensable part of life for everyone who finds solace in their kitchen. 

If you wish to invest wisely on an aesthetically designed, space efficient glass cooktop, then Butterfly Prism glass gas stove will surely score extra brownie points.

The break proof glass top made of toughened glass. Thus giving your kitchen a premium look and modern appeal apart from being long lasting. 

Unbreakable ABS knobs and the flame-retardant panel ensures safe operation when it demand long hours of cooking.

Thermal efficient brass burners ensure optimum retention of heat. Thus providing equally distributed flame for proper cooking processes. 

The smart lock pan safeguards your utensils from wobbling while cooking. It almost locks with the stainless steel spill tray. Hence provides firm support while cooking.


Key Features

  • The front panel is made of flame retardant along with extra thickened & coated gas pipe to prevent rust formation. It facilitate easy gas flow.
  •  Easy-to-use smart lock pan support coupled with stainless steel spill trays ensures an optimum cooking experience.
  • The scratch-resistant enamel coated pan stands promises longevity of the product. Thus enhancing your cooking experience.
  • Equal distribution of heat and perfect flame control is achieved by the high quality brass burners, which are regulated by the ABS knobs.

Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove (Black)

Adorn your kitchen  and add a class to it with the elegant Prestige Royal 3 burner gas stove form the age old trusted brand of Prestige. 

It is thoughtfully designed and made from high quality German technology black Schott Glass. This prestige gas stove ensures durability, inherent safety. It assures lifelong tension free usage

The gas stove is Fuel efficient and easy to use. Prestige Royale Glass Top comprises of 3 Brass made tri-pin burners for uniform heating. 

Imported quality Sabaf gas valves are highly precised and extremely durable. Thus ensuring less consumption of gas and long usage.

In cognizance of the Indian cooking needs, this prestige gas stove burners comes in different sizes and individual steady pan support that suits your cooking needs. 

The ergonomically designed knobs ensure smooth and precise flame control.


Key Features

  • Elegant royal looks with spill-proof design that adds a class to your kitchen.
  • Premium quality German technology black Schott Glass not only makes it a durable but also affordable within price range.
  • Individual pan supports for three different size burners ensures uniform heating. Thus ensuring perfect consumption of gas as per requirement.
  • Imported Sabaf valve and ergonomically designed knobs with auto ignition promises precise flame control for long term utilization.

Sunflame GT Pride Glass Top Gas Stove, 3 Burner Gas Stove, Black

Sunflame is one of the most trusted brands in the home and kitchen appliances domain in India. This Glass Top gas stove from the Delhi-based Sunflame company are the most sought one.  

It is a perfect combination of stylish design along with advanced features.This excellent Pride cooktop by Sunflame helps you to create your dream kitchen. It will ease of your everyday cooking efficiently.

Pride glass top comes with scratch resistant powdered coated steel metal base. This base makes it sturdy enough to last long without any fear of wear and tear. 

Easy to clean effortlessly, it maintains the hygienic atmosphere in your kitchen. Sunflame Pride  gas stove is a homemakers’ choice for sure.

The powder coated pan supports ensures sturdiness to this gas stove. Thus preventing possibilities of any food spillage and seeping. 

The safe handling knobs are ergonomically designed with 360 degree easy rotation offering better control on the burner flame.


Key Features

  • The ultra stylish and smart design cooktop adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen within your budget.
  • The powder coated steel metal base makes the cooktop tougher and resistant to fading and chipping.
  • Corrosion restive brass burners have long durability providing even distribution of heat while cooking.
  • The ergonomic knobs are conveniently placed for sturdy grip.

Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Elegantly crafted with premium finish, this Vetro glass top from the Italian brand Elica, blends well with your kitchen décor. 

This kitchen essential makes your kitchen aesthetically appealing. Undoubtedly it has exponentially increasing happy customers to speak in its favor.

The stainless steel finish at front with the premium quality toughened glass top boosts the durability of the gas stove. 

In cognizance of your varied needs, it is equipped with three distinct size brass burners; 1 small one, 1 medium sized and 1 jumbo sized.

The double drip tray prevents the spillover on the stove top and can be wiped off easily. 

The long lasting Euro coated grid support prevents the chipping off of the utensils. Thus making your cooking experience hassle free.


Key Features

  • The premium-quality toughened glass top, along with the Stainless Steel Support Plate enhances its longevity. 
  • Three distinct size heavy brass burners serve your varied cooking needs with smooth and sharp flames every time you cook.
  • The high quality knobs are stylishly designed and functions smoothly.

Glen 4 Burner Gas Stove 1041 GT Forged Brass Burner Black

Upgrade your conventional gas stove and relish the joy of cooking with the black beauty, Glen 4 burner gas stove

This counter top model is equipped with forged brass burners that are 5 times stronger than normal brass burners. It complement the interior of your kitchen.

Engineered with thick black toughened glass top of dimension 605mm x 565mm. This cooktop is a perfect match for any urban kitchen. 

The glass top is scratch resistant, easy to clean and elegantly curved at the corners adding sophistication to your kitchen.

Intuitively designed to be an integral part of your kitchen, this gas stove model has 4 burners; 2 big sized and 2 smaller one to cater your varying cooking needs.  

Adequately spaced to cook dishes side by side, the sturdy pan supports easily accommodate large and heavy cooking utensils.


Key Features

  • The forged brass burners and auto ignition promises precise flame control for long term utilization.
  • The smart ergonomic knobs provides firm grip for convenient usages.
  • A 360 degree revolving Swivel gas inlet makes it convenient to direct the nozzle towards the LPG supply pipe.
  • The ISI mark guarantees its conformation to the Indian Standard, ensuring a trouble free and safe operation.

Which Gas Stove do you find suitable for your kitchen? Leave a comment .

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