Best Basmati Rice Online in India

Best Basmati Rice Online In India

Best Basmati Rice Online in India

Over the ages basmati rice has graced many happy occasions with countless rice recipes. The taste of this rice compliments the flavor of the other spices used in the recipe. In fact, among more than thousand types of aromatic rice, Basmati are the premier one. They are known as the “white pearl”. India is the largest exporter of basmati chawl. Generally, Basmati rice price is  higher than ordinary rice. In fact, some top basmati rice brands provide best basmati rice online in India.

Basmati rice has a unique characteristic. It is long when harvested. It grows even longer when cooked. Moreover, they are soft to chew and digest easily. The grains do not stick to one another, if cooked properly. In general, it is a delight for the eyes as well as the taste buds. It has a distinct premier aroma.  This rice grows in the Indo-Gangetic plain. The cooked rice is fluffy. The grains are separated. As a result, it is the perfect rice for special occasions. You can read review on best quality wheat flour (atta) brands in India.

In general, it is widely consumed in all states of the country and abroad.  So, which basmati rice is best in India? In this article, we reviewed best basmati rice online in India. Also we explained the types of Basmati rice along with the benefits of basmati rice. Additionally we have reviewed five best basmati rice brands in India. Finally we tried to answer few frequently searched questions on this grocery item. So, keep reading.

What are the Types of Basmati Rice?

Basmati rice is preferred for a number of rice recipes across the globe. In fact, just like old wine, the flavor of basmati gets better with age. Each grain of basmati elongates at least twice its original size, post cooking. As a result, Indian basmati rice is popular throughout the world for its quality and aroma. In general, several varieties of basmati rice are there. Few traditional Indian types include:

  • Basmati 370
  • Basmati 385
  • Muradabadi Basmati 6465
  • Pusa 1121
  • Kasturi
  • Mahi Sugandha
  • Dehraduni Basmati
  • Ranbir Basmati
  • Punjab Basmati.

Pusa 1121 is known as the longest basmati grain in the world. Significantly, it has distinct aroma and special sweet taste.

What are the benefits of Basmati Rice?

Basmati rice is ideal for family reunions or daily consumption. In general, the ageing process improves the quality and  the final  taste of this rice. Additionally, it has high nutritional value. In fact, it is rich in minerals like copper, calcium, potassium, and vitamins like vitamin B1, B6, E, and K etc. Thus it is good for our health and best rice in India for daily use.  Moreover, the major benefits are:

  • Improves Digestion:  Basmati rice contains soluble fiber. As a result, it improves digestion significantly.

  • Diabetes Friendly: The Glycemic Index (GI) of basmati rice is much lower (52) than other white rice (79). In fact, a low  index value is good for diabetic people. Additionally, it checks the blood sugar level.

  • Keeps heart healthy: The saturated fat content in basmati rice is much lower. Hence this rice keeps your heart healthy.

  • Boosts Weight Loss: Basmati rice is beneficial for weight loss programs. In fact, the fiber content in basmati controls your food craving. As a result you feel fuller for a longer time.

  • Prevents Cancer Cell formation: Fiber prevents the formation of cancerous cells. Coincidentally, Basmati rice contains nearly 20% more fiber. In fact, researchers have found that many forms of cancer can be prevented by regular intake of fiber.

  • Controls Blood Pressure: In general, brown basmati rice contains high amount of potassium and magnesium which helps in reducing high blood pressure. Thus it controls our blood pressure effectively. 

What are the Best Basmati Rice Brands in India?

Groceries are a daily need. However, professionals or homemakers can hardly find time from their busy schedule to go to the supermarket or local sabzi mandi for their daily or weekly grocery stocks. However, shopping groceries online is fun and hassle free. In fact, various top basmati rice brands made their products available online. Thus we review few online basmati rice from the top basmati rice brands:

Daawat Basmati Rice

Daawat basmati rice is a packet full of long grained wonder. Moreover, it has an appetizing fragrance. Selectively chosen, these rice grains cook into soft, flavorful, nutrient-rich dishes to make your meal more delicious. In fact, its aromatic flavor adds to the appetizing taste.

This best long grain basmati rice becomes fluffy and soft on cooking but remain non sticky. Additionally, with zero cholesterol it is good for your heart and overall fitness. In general, Daawat Biryani basmati rice is meant for preparing a mouth watering biryani.

Daawat Super Basmati

Daawat Brown Basmati Rice

Daawat Dubar Basmati

Daawat Rozana Super 

Kohinoor Basmati Rice

Kohinoor is a trusted brand for over four decades in branded basmati rice. It is super valued and has super basmati aroma and taste. In fact, the grains are carefully selected for length and appetizing aroma. As a result, it results in an exceptionally alluring plate.

The finest and best quality basmati rice grains are selected from scientifically tested fields so that the rice brings out the authentic taste of every dish. In general, it is a perfect fit for everyday consumption. Thus, enjoy the original taste and aroma of pure basmati with these verities of Kohinoor Basmati rice.

Kohinoor Royal Authentic Biriyani Basmati

Kohinoor Super Value 

Kohinoor Super Silver Aged Basmati

Kohinoor Supreme Basmati

India Gate Basmati Rice

India Gate offers exotic class of basmati rice. In fact, it has made basmati available for the masses. The grains are pearly white, smooth and extra long with authentic taste and fragrance. Known for its appetizing fragrance, the rice becomes fluffy, flavorful and delicious when cooked.

Additionally, its mouth watering taste and characteristic aroma will surely light up your taste buds. Also, this best basmati rice with aroma is a perfect fit for everyday consumption. In fact, the grains do not stick or break when cooked properly. Moreover, the grains elongate up to 3 times when cooked.  Thus convert your everyday simple recipes into a delight with any of these verity of India Gate Basmati Rice.

India Gate Feast Rozzana

India Gate Classic

India Gate Super

India Gate Tibar

Fortune Basmati Rice

If you want to enjoy a perfect plate of basmati rice, Fortune Basmati is an ideal choice. Additionally, it cooks to perfection by becoming extra long without getting sticky. With a smooth and lean texture it looks beautiful after cooking. Fortune basmati rice is one of the best basmati rice for biryani.

In fact, Fortune Basmati rice has the characteristic aroma, rich flavor and high nutrition value to make your dish delicious, tasty and healthy. Fortune Basmati Rice makes the perfect base for every biryani. Thus it gives your dishes a luxurious royal look and aroma with extra long basmati grain.

Fortune Biriyani Classic

Fortune Everyday Basmati 

Fortune Rozana Basmati

Fortune Biryani Special

Patanjali Basmati Rice

Patanjali brings you super quality basmati rice packed with distinct flavor and aroma. In fact, the long and slender grains are picked from the Himalayan foothills. Then they are processed in state of art GMP plants. Thus it ensures exquisite quality with all the nutrition values.

In general, its tantalizing flavor, magical aroma makes it perfect basmati rice for daily use. The amazing taste along with the nutrition value has made Patanjali basmati rice a delicacy all over the world.

Patanjali Dhanashree Basmati

Patanjali Dubar Basmati

India Khaas Basmati Rice

Now you can relish good bite and more aromatic sent with India Khaas Basmati Rice. The aged rice cooked out beautifully with light and fluffy texture. Ageing in the rice enriches its features as it reduces the moisture content, increases aroma and yields longer grain length.  

In fact, India Khaas Basmati rice has the low GI, rich flavor and high nutrition value to make your dish delicious, tasty and healthy. Fortune Basmati Rice makes the perfect base for every biryani. Thus it gives your dishes a luxurious royal look and aroma with extra long basmati grain.

Khaas Authentic Basmati 

Khaas Premium Basmati 

Khaas Supreme Basmati 

Khaas Dubar Everyday Basmati 

Frequently Searched Questions on Basmati Rice online

  • Why basmati rice is called Basmati?

‘Bas’ in Sanskrit language means “aroma” and ‘Matup’ mean “full of”. Hence the word Basmati i.e. full of aroma. In fact, the name is justified as it adds more aromas to the dishes.

  • Where does Basmati rice originate?

In general, basmati rice originates from the foothills of the Himalayas in north India and Pakistan. Some varieties also grows in the U.S. Thus it is mostly a South Asian rice. Seven states in India produces maximum of basmati rice.

  • Is Basmati the best rice?

Actually, basmati do not contain gluten or cholesterol. It is also low in fat. Additionally, all eight essential amino acids, folic acid are present in it. As a result, it is one of the best rice variety available for any occasion.

  • Does Basmati rice make you fat?

In fact, much carbohydrate intake can cause weight gain and basmati rice is a carbohydrate. Still, basmati rice is full of nutrients that your body needs to stay fit and healthy. It is low in components that cause weight gain. Thus, it can be a great option for those trying to lose weight.

  • Can I eat Basmati rice daily?

Generally, if you are non-diabetic, there is no issue with eating basmati rice daily. In fact, basmati rice contains soluble fiber which increases metabolism. Thus you can surely eat daily.

  • Is buying Online Basmati Rice safe?

In cases, few grocery stores may adopt unfair means to cheat the customers. But shopping groceries online is simple and hassle free. Added to that, you can avail exclusive deals, discounts and cash backs. However, you have to make sure that you buy from trusted site like Hence, buying basmati rice online in India is completely safe.

Final Words...

So, we come to the final words of our review on the best basmati rice online in India. In general, basmati rice is preferred for a number of rice recipes across the globe. The distinctive taste and enticing aroma will make your every meal special. Additionally, its nutritional value will help you to keep fit and healthy. In fact, the flavor and aroma of basmati rice gets better with age. Hence aged basmati rice online costs more than recent one. Thus treat your family and guests with mouth watering rice recipes. Their mind will be filled with the sublime taste and aroma of this rice.  Hence, basmati rice are perfect to delight our senses for over a long time to come. 

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