Best Anti Snoring Devices in India

Best Anti Snoring Devices in India

Best Anti Snoring Devices in India

There is nothing like a good night sleep. However snoring can keep you wake at night. Snoring is very common and deserves much attention. The anatomy of your mouth and sinuses, your weight, or nasal congestion may lead to snoring. Sleeping will be peaceful, snore-free and enjoyable once you choose the best anti snoring devices for you or your partner. 

Occasional snoring does not occur throughout the night and is rarely serious. Problem arises if you are regular snorer. You not only disrupt the sleep pattern of your partner, but that might impair your own sleep quality. 

The noise level of snoring can be unbearable to a human ear as it is one of the loudest sounds humans can make. Statistical analysis shows nearly 40% of men are habitual snorer, whereas snoring is common in 25% of women. March 24 has been introduced by The American Sleep Association as the Stop Snoring Day.

Diagnosing the correct anti-snoring remedy for you can be a long process. You have to first detect what type of snorer you are: a nasal snorer, or a mouth snorer, or a throat snorer. In this review article we discussed on best anti snoring devices. Initially we discussed on the common causes for snoring. Then we put a buyers’ guide to choose the right device from Top 05 Best Anti Snoring Devices in India. We end up our review with some Solutions and Remedies for snoring.  You can also read our review on Best Anti Pollution Masks in India

What is Snoring? What can Cause Snoring?

Snoring can be triggered whenever the flow of inhaled air through your nose and mouth gets obstructed. This blockage impairs your ability to breathe normally while sleep. This obstruction or narrowing of your airways can be due a number of causes, temporary or permanent. As a result, proper diagnosis of the reason of your snoring is vital for the right path for treatment. Few major causes for snoring are:

  1. Obesity/Overweight: If you are overweight, fat deposition increases around the neck. It compresses and narrows the throat opening. As a result, it causes snoring. Obesity also has a high correlation with sleep apnea. However, many overweight people do not snore whereas many slim people do snore. Some children with tonsil and adenoids also snore during sleep.
  2. Blocked Nasal Airways: During winter or allergy season some people have stuffy nose and trouble breathing due to flu or cold. Sinus infection can cause the need for greater suction pressures to inhale air into the lungs while breathing. This further narrows the airway. When the nose gets blocked during sleep, the mouth opens which also can cause snoring.
  3. Sleep Position: Sleeping on your back can obstruct the airways and can cause snoring. The gravitational force acting downwards, can push the tongue and soft palate towards the back of the throat.
  4. Alcohol Consumption: Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause relaxation of the breathing muscles. This can cause snoring.
  5. Pregnancy: Some women gain weight during pregnancy, which can cause snoring. This mostly occurs during the second and third trimester. Swelling of the mucous membrane during pregnancy can cause nasal congestion and subsequent snoring.
  6. Sleep Apnea: Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a potentially serious sleep disorder. It involves significant decrease in airflow during breathing effort. Sleep apnoea occurs when the upper airway gets blocked repeatedly during sleep. As a result it reduces or completely stops the airflow. Sleep Apnea (OSA) is often characterized by loud snoring which can occur if you are fatigued during the day.
  7. Due to Age: As we grow old, our throat passage becomes narrower due to increased fat around the neck. This natural cause of aging can also contribute to or aggravate snoring.

Top 5 Best Anti Snoring Devices in India

In this section we will review Top 5 best anti snoring devices you can purchase in the year 2021. However, the effectiveness of a devices may vary from one person to other. It depends on the proper diagnosis of the type of snorer you are- a nasal snorer or a moth snorer or a throat snorer. Thus the proper diagnosis for the cause of you snoring is very important.  

Breathe Right Strips, Anti Snore Nasal Strips Lavender

Instant relief for nighttime nasal congestion due to allergies, cold or deviated septum can be obtained with Breathe Right Strips Nasal Strips Lavender. This drug free snoring aid is specially designed for those with sensitive skin. When fitted right above the nostrils, the strips provide instant relief by lifting inflamed sinus passages for easier breathing. Additionally, this nasal strips has unique reflex design for external use only and are disposable.

For comfortable fit and removal, Breathe Right strips use 3M technology. Its unique reflex action physically pushes your nasal passage open. The strip provides instant relief and has no medicinal side effects. Thus you can sleep better without snoring through the night.

Breathe Right nasal strips works better only for nose snorers and not for mouth or throat snorers. Breathe Right Extra Clear nasal strips open your nose up to 38% more. These strips are available in a variety of strengths, sizes and types. However they are relatively expensive.

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SHOPPOWORLD Silicone Magnetic Anti Snore Nose Clip

Now prevent snoring to enjoy endless nights of peaceful sleep with SHOPPOWORLD Silicone Magnetic Anti Snore Nose Clip Sleeping Aid. This anti snore clip is made of silicon and comes with protective case with mirror lid. This 0.03 kg clip is extremely lightweight and very comfortable for peaceful sleep. It is effective for any shape of nostrils.

The embedded magnets aim to gently open the nostrils to increase airflow that helps to prevent snoring. The nose clip aids to widen the nasal passages for the inhaled air by putting a pressure on the septum. It makes breathing easier and quieter fitting gently into the nostrils. 

The silicon nose clip helps dilate your nasal passage and reduces heavy breathing, nasal congestion and dry mouth. This nose clip is non-toxic and safe from bacteria and ammonia. The versatile clip comes with protective case and can be easily used while traveling.

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Proliva Memory Foam, Anti-Snoring Relief Neck Pillow

Now you can cure light snoring caused due to poor positioning of the neck and head with Proliva Anti-Snoring Relief Neck Pillow. This orthopedic pillow elevates your head and neck, thus keeps the tongue from falling back as much to cause snoring. Although such orthopedic pillows are not a remedy for acute sleep disorders like sleep apnea, they can cut down on snoring and make a difference.

Designed with memory foam, this hypoallergenic pillow is resistant to allergens. Additionally, this orthopedic pillow is perfect for side and back sleepers. This contour pillow works great for neck pain sufferers, stress relief and migraine relief. Moreover, it promotes good blood circulation.

Proliva pillow is made from innovative “Pneumatic” technology and high quality and skin friendly fabric. The contour wave shape neck pillow with 2 heights is ergonomically designed to support your head and neck in neutral alignment. The shape of the pillow is durable and it will never sag or clump. Thus you can enjoy uninterrupted and refreshing sleep with reduced snoring in all seasons.  

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Basic Deal Anti Snoring Chin Strap For Men & Women

Weak jaw muscles or excess fat round the neck can pull their mouth open of many snorers while they sleep. Extensive studies show that your airways becomes narrower and more elongated when you breathe through your mouth, causing snoring. Basic Deal Anti Snoring Chin Strap supports the lower jaw carefully during sleep time. This keeps breathing airways open and unrestricted, thus eliminating snoring.

The adjustable strap allows you to customize the exact support needed for your lower jaw. Made with breathable neoprene material, it is soft durable and ensures there is no discomfort or irritation when worn. Thus it ensures an improved sleeping experience.

The use of this snore belt greatly prevents tongue and throat from falling back and blocking the airway. Thus it helps to change your breathing habit through the mouth keeping it closed. It provides jaw support and helps to tighten the muscles under the chin. Say no to sleepless nights with Basic Deal Anti Snoring Chin Strap, your partner will have no more complaints of your snoring.

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HEMIZA Anti Snoring Device For Men and Women

Are you tired of insomnia due to your partner’s snoring every night? HEMIZA anti snore nasal dilators are designed to immediately improve the flow of air through your nose. Improved airflow prevents the vibration of the soft palate. Thus allowing you to breathe easily and comfortably and hence reduces snoring. Moreover, it relieves sinus congestion caused by deviated septum, common cold and allergies.

Made of soft silicon material, the nasal dilator sits firmly in the nostril. It allows you to breathe easily healthy and fresh air. Additionally, it filters the inhale air from harmful gases and dust. This nasal dilator keeps the nostrils comfortably open so that you get maximum airflow and stop breathing through your mouth.

The ergonomically compact and lightweight design of this anti snoring device does not put extra pressure on your nose. Comfortable to wear, it is suitable for all occasions and you can carry it anywhere conveniently.  Made of environment friendly ABS material, this nasal dilator causes no harm to your nasal hairs or nasal lining.

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How to Stop Snoring? Snoring Solutions & Remedies.

The problem of snoring can be dealt in a couple of ways. Some of the remedies are natural while the others require medical attention. The actual cause and the intensity of snoring need to be diagnosed. After proper diagnosis, few of the following strategies can stop your snoring or at least can lower the intensity.

Bed-time Home Remedies:

  1. Sleeping on your side: Sleeping on the back often causes the tongue to move backward and touch the throat. Thus, it causes partial blockage of the airflow, causing snoring. Switching to your side can allow air to flow easily and reduce snoring.
  2. Elevate your pillow: Prop up your head a little bit using pillows such that your neck and spine remains aligned. This opens up the airway moving your tongue and jaw forward. As a result it reduces snoring.

         3. Clear Nasal Congestion: If you have stuffy nose, use a facial steam bowl before going to bed. This increases the airflow. Take a big bowl of hot steamy water. Drape a towel over your head and get close enough for the steam. Inhale the steam. This clears nasal congestion and reduces snoring. Allergies (like winter rhinitis) can also limit airflow through nose and increase snoring.

         4. Use a humidifier: Dry air often irritates the nasal and throat membranes. Using any humidifier can keep the air moist while sleeping and can reduce snoring.

         5. Use anti-snoring devices. You can use ant of the Best Anti Snoring Devices, that suits your case.

Change Your Lifestyle :

  1. Lose weight, if overweight: Overweight persons are more likely to snore than those who maintain their weight. Extra fat around the neck narrows the airflow, causing snoring. Hence, reducing the overall calorie intake can help in losing weight.
  2. Regular exercise: Exercise helps to reduce extra pounds. Getting into regular exercise can tone up the muscles in your body. This in turn results in toning of throat muscles thus reducing snoring. Some typical throat exercises to strengthen throat muscles are given below:
  3. Quit smoking & Alcohol: Smokers have a higher possibility of snoring. Among all the other harmful things that smoking causes to your body it also irritates the nasal membranes and throat. It blocks the airway and causes snoring.

    Consumption of alcohol relaxes the throat muscles that can hamper normal breathing. Quitting smoking and alcohol has other health benefits.

  4. Get enough sleep: Excessive exhaustion can relax your tongue and throat muscles, which may lead to snoring. An adult should have 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

Can Exercise Decrease Snoring? Anti-Snoring Exercises.

There are a number of mouth exercises that can help you combat your snoring. Most of which are mainly targeted at strengthening your neck and throat muscles. Some anti-snoring exercises are listed below:

  1. Purse your lips for 30 seconds, closing your mouth.
  2. Say the vowels out loud for about 2 minutes each a few times a day.
  3. Work on your jaws. Open your mouth and shift the jaw to the left. Hold it for about 30 seconds. Then shift the jaw to the right and hold it for another 30 seconds.
  4. Place the tip of your tongue at the back of your top teeth and slide it back and forth along the ridge of your mouth for a couple of minutes a day.

Final Words...

Snoring can seriously affect your personal life and can turn into a major nuisance to the person sleeping beside you. Thus it becomes necessary to find the right kind of solution to effectively put an end to snoring. Best anti snoring devices may reduce snoring by enhancing the nasal breathing even when congested due to cold or allergies. As a result it makes easier to sleep at night. These anti snoring devices are simple and effective way to prevent or eliminate snoring and to enjoy endless nights of peaceful sleep.

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