Best Anti Pollution Mask in India

Best Anti Pollution Mask in India

The dangerously growing pollution level in most metro cities is putting millions at risk. The immediate detrimental effect of breathing polluted air is irritation in the eye, nose, throat, and even headache. It chokes our lungs and raises the risk for several health hazards. Anti pollution face masks are popular worldwide as they provide protection from pollution, dust, smoke, pollen, bacteria and viruses. However, often it becomes a daunting task to select from the Best Anti Pollution Mask available in market.

Face masks are common during flu season or every time there is any virus outbreak (like corona virus, H1N1, Ebola). Extensive studies have shown that use of face masks reduces the risk of spreading disease while dealing with infected patients. When worn properly, at the time of any virus outbreak, a face mask can protect you to a large extend especially when in close contact with sick people.

In this review article we discussed on best anti pollution mask in India . A buyers’ guide is provided to choose the right air pollution mask. Initially we discussed on the common types of masks and their proper usage. Then we put our Best Anti Pollution Mask in India. We end up our review with some Frequently Searched Questions on pollution masks.  You can also read our review on Best Face Wash for Men

Different Types of Anti Pollution Face Masks

Depending on the degree of filtering, the air pollution masks have been rated with letter N, R or P followed by a number (95, 99, and 100). The number following the letter indicates the percentage of polluted particles the mask can filter out. As the letter rating and the number ratting goes up, breathing fatigue also increases. Thus an N95 mask is much easier and cool to breadth than P99 mask.

 N95 Face Mask:

N95 face mask filters out 95% of the polluted particles. They are designed to properly fit over your nose and mouth and provide excellent protection against flu and influenza. If the air quality in your area is poor, you can stay healthy wearing an N95 face mask. It facilitates to breathe clean air and thus protect your lungs and overall health.  An N95 face mask can substantially minimizes your risk of transmitting and receiving any flu virus.

N99 Face Mask:

N99 face mask filters out 99% of particulate matter efficiently. It filters out dust and other small airborne particle matters and helps you to breathe healthy air when outdoor. The N99 mask is much denser than the N95 mask. Thus it has a better filtering power. However the N99 mask makes breathing more difficult as compared to N95.

P95 Face Mask:

P95 masks are truly oil resistant and can filter out 95% of particulate matter effectively. Thus these masks are suitable in greasy environments as in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors. The P95 masks reduce carbon dioxide accumulation through activated carbon and exhale valves. P95 masks are not reusable and are generally more expensive. As a result, these masks are not so popular.

Steps for wearing an Anti Pollution Face Mask properly

Step #1: Wash your hands properly before wearing the mask. Hold the mask with the nose clip at the top. The clip is meant to mold to the shape of your nose.

Step #2: Put the mask between your noses and chin. The mask should fit snug against your face. There should be no air sneak through the sides.

Step #3: Pull the top band over your head and position it over the crown of your head. If your face mask comes with ear loops, pull them over and around each ear.

Step #4: Firmly press down on the metallic nose strip so that it fits around your nose.

Top 6 Best Anti Pollution Mask in India

In this section we will review 6 Best Anti Pollution Mask you can purchase in the year 2020. Anyone of these will not only protect you from the pollution hazards during outdoor activities but will also prevent you from virus like coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China.

Pure Air N95 Grade Anti Pollution, Anti Dust Mask

In most of the metro cities the air pollution level is severe now a day. This condition is highly detrimental to our health as clean air is the basic need of life. Pure Air N95 Anti Pollution  equips every city dwellers, specially two wheeler riders to protect them from pollution. It provides complete protection against dangerous PM 2.5 particles present in air.

This  Pure Air N95 Anti Pollution Mask  is made of cotton with five layers of PM 2.5 filters. Additionally the Activated Carbon Layer removes fumes and chemicals. Put the filter before using the mask.  The ergonomic contour 3D face fit design of the mask enable a close fit and is very comfortable to wear and breathe effortlessly. The stretchable earlobes are attached for easy wear on either side.

The 3D face-fit design mask fits most type of faces comfortably. The  mask is washable and reusable. The adjustable soft nose pad prevent any unwanted slippage.  Now you can easily travel to cities with high pollution level by wearing the Pure Air N95 Grade Anti Pollution Mask.

Salient Features:
  • Pure Air N95 Mask can filter up to 95% PM2.5 pollution particles in air.
  • The trendy mask perfectly matches with your style statement, formal or casual.
  • It protects you from dust, airborne infectious viruses resulting in chronic respiratory diseases.
  • The mask enables hassle free wear without any compromise in comfort.
  • Pure Air N95 Mask is washable and reusable and affordable.

Tdas Anti Pollution Mask for Men & Women, N95 N99 with Filter

Avoid chronic respiratory problems due to high levels of pollution and dust with Tdas Anti Pollution Mask. It provides protection from common allergens like dust, pollen and air borne microbes as well as bacteria and viruses. It is light in weight and can be fold and kept inside the pocket when not in use.

The mask with 6 layers PM 2.5 filter ensures healthy and easy breathing during running, cycling, bike ride or any outdoor activities. With two high grade carbon filtration layers in the 6-micro layer filtration technology this mask provides nearly 99% protection from dust, molds, pollen and polluted gases. Also it helps to reduce exposure to airborne deceases and filters odors.

This ergonomically designed mask comes with unique ventilation with a plurality of holes. Double one way breathing valves allows smooth breathing with no contra-flow. The adjustable nose clip prevents any air passage through the gap between your nose and the mask.  The mask is convenient to wash but remove the filter before washing.

Salient Features:
  • The mask can protect from 98% dust, dirt, pollen, bacteria and viruses.
  • Breathing is easy with this mask and is comfortable to wear.
  • The breathing valves come with no contra-flow.
  • It can be easily used while running, cycling, riding or any outdoor activities.
  • It is certified with NIOSH N95 approval.

Urbangabru N99 Anti Pollution Mask with Activated Carbon Filters

Breathe clean air and stay healthy with Urbangabru N99 Anti Pollution Mask . Carefully designed with comfort in mind, Urbangabru N99 Anti Pollution Mask is your perfect outdoor companion. It ensures maximum protection by filtering up to 99% of atmospheric pollutants PM2.5, dust, smoke from vehicle exhaust, factories.

Moreover, designed with 4-layer filtration system, Urbangabru anti pollution mask helps you to breathe easy in polluted outdoor environment. It is made from softest material for comfortable wearing and also comes with a Velcro closure. This mask qualifies N99 gradation and ensures your health protection. The mask is specially designed for Indian air pollution condition, especially that in Delhi.

A smart valve fitted on the mask enable seamless outflow of exhaled air. It also reduces heat and humidity build up thus helping in easy breathing. The activated carbon arrests VOCs, as well as bad odor. It also protects the lungs against certain airborne contaminants. The nose clip provides better and comfortable fit of the mask while jogging, riding two-wheeler or into any outdoor activities.

Salient Features:
  • Urbangabru N99 Anti Pollution Mask provides 99 percent filtration capacity of pollution particle up to PM2. 5
  • The smart valve provides seamless outflow of exhaled air and enables easy breathing.
  • The activated carbon arrests VOCs as well as bad odors.
  • It is specially designed for Indian environmental condition.
  • The mask is soft and skin friendly and ensures comfortably fit for all.

LXOICE Reusable N95 Respirator Anti Air Pollution Face Mask

If you have never used any standard mask, then LXOICE Reusable N95 Anti-Pollution Mask will be an ideal choice for you. The dust mask filters out 98% of pollen, smoke, dust, chemicals, bacteria and viruses from entering your body. Filtering about 95% of deadly viruses (like coronavirus, Eloba, H1N1 Swine Flu), the mask is easy to put on and take off the face.

Made of skin friendly non-woven cloths, the 5 layer of filtration ensures clean air that is 95% free from PM 2.5 pollution particles.  The contour shape of the mask provides an excellent face fit and the adjustable nose clip prevent it from slipping. Perfect for all seasons, you can wear it while cycling, riding, running or other outdoor activities.

The 3D arc design fits to multiple face shapes and enables smooth breadthing experience. It ensures smooth breathing as it doesn’t heat up inside the mask. LXOICE N95 Anti-Pollution Mask is easily washable and reusable. The stylish cotton mask offers lesser air resistance, thus enables smooth breathing.  

Salient Features:
  • LXOICE Anti Pollution Mask can filter up to 95% PM2.5 pollution particles.
  • With 5 layers of filters it cleans nearly 100 percent of particulate pollution.
  • It protects you from dust, airborne infectious viruses such as coronavirus, H1N1(Swine Flu).
  • The mask has breathing valves and do not require a fan.
  • LXOICE Anti Pollution Mask is washable and reusable.

Bodyguard Reusable Anti-Pollution Face Mask for Kids, N99.

Kids are more at risk of falling sick due to excessive pollution and air quality deterioration in most of the cities. While going out your kid must wear the right anti-pollution mask, like  Bodyguard Anti Pollution Face Mask for kids. This kid’s mask is specially designed to effectively filter contaminants like PM2.5, dust, smoke, bacteria and viruses. It protects your kids from respiratory problems like asthma, allergies, sinus and common flu.

The mask comes with 6 layers high quality filter of cotton cloth outer layer, followed by middle activated carbon layer and a non-woven inner layer to absorb unwanted moisture. It efficiently filters PM 2.5 and other non-oily particles in the air. The cute exhalation valve effectively ventilates the hot air and facilitates easy breathing. Thus you kid can inhale smoothly even while playing.

Comfort features like light weight and soft adjustable nose clips make it easier and fun for the kids to put on the mask even during play time. The elastic ear band made of soft and absorbent cotton makes it easier to wear for extended hours even in hot and humid conditions. This low breathing resistance mask has a filtration rate of efficiency up to 99%.

Salient Features:
  • High quality 6 layer filters can prevent PM2.5 pollutants, haze, bacteria, and influenza viruses.
  • The exhalation valve ensures breathing comfort for long time usage.
  • It comes in attractive kid friendly design and is easily washable..
  • The elastic ear band made of soft and absorbent cotton makes it easier to wear for extended hours
  • The mask has filtration efficiency up to 99%.

Prana Air PM2.5 Pollution Mask, with 5 Layers HEPA Filter

In most of the cities the vehicular pollution from buses, cars, two wheelers during peak traffic hours can result in chronic respiratory diseases. Prana Air Smart Anti Pollution Mask helps you in combating the adverse effects of air pollution, vehicular pollution and other respiratory health problems. It provides multi layer protection by filtering about 95.99% unhealthy particulate matter PM2.5, dust, allergens, viruses.

The mask is designed to create an airtight seal comfortably on your face, thus eliminating any leakage of polluted air through the gaps. At the same time it provides multiple layers of filtration protection. The 5-layer HEPA filter is interchangeable and efficient to trap pollutants, smoke, pollen and fine dust particles as PM2.5.

A micro-ventilator at the bottom eliminates the build-up of unpleasant carbon dioxide inside the mask. The air volume can be adjusted at 3 different fan speeds as per your necessity. It can be charged with a micro-USB charger and can also be plugged into a laptop. The easy to wear mask comes with a smartly designed strap and adds to your style statement anywhere anytime.

Salient Features:
  • The 5 layer HEPA filters provides maximum protection from PM2.5, dust, smoke, viruses.
  • With 95.99% efficiency, the advanced filtration technology filters polluted air particles.
  • A micro-ventilator at the bottom eliminates the build-up of unpleasant carbon dioxide inside the mask.
  • The air volume and circulation can be controlled with 3 modes of fan speed.
  • Battery of the mask is easily rechargeable with micro USB charging.

Frequently Searched Questions on Anti-Pollution Masks

1) Do surgical masks protect against air pollution?

Nope. Surgical masks do not efficiently filter small particles from the air. Surgical masks are typically found at local pharmacies. They provide protection against large droplets of infectious fluids or germs.  Surgical masks may help preventing influenza as the virus spreads through air droplets. However they are not effective to prevent from inhaling smaller airborne particles including bacteria and viruses. Added to that, they are not sealed around the nose and mouth of the wearer as they are loose fitting. Thus the minimum requirement to protect you from any virus outbreak is a N95 mask that can filter out up to 95% airborne particles.

2) How can I protect myself from pollution and viruses?

Going with the proverb prevention is much better, following some basic precautionary measures can minimize your exposure to any respiratory illness.

  • Wash your hands frequently with proper hand wash thoroughly. Hand sanitizers are also worthy against any virus.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose with hands until they are properly washed.
  • If you are in cities with alarming air quality, use face mask while traveling on road. Use at least an N95 face mask as any surgical mask is not so effective.
  • Keep distance from anyone who is sick, especially those coughing or sneezing. Also stay at home when you are sick.
  • Cover your mouth with a tissue while sneezing. Then dispose it to a bin.

3) Which  anti pollution mask is the best?

The most important thing to check while purchasing an anti pollution mask is the filter rating, i.e: N95 or N99 rating. It is also important that the mask fits snug against your face without any air sneak through the sides. Replaceable filters make the mask reusable and extend the the life of the mask.  Our choice of 3 best anti pollution mask for you is:

  1. Urbangabru N99 Anti Pollution Mask.
  2. Finishing Pollution N95 Mask.
  3. Bodyguard Anti Pollution Face Mask.

Final Words...

Unfortunately, we are gradually succumbing to the extreme effects of poor air quality. The polluted air we breathe has a direct impact on our health. Face masks are common during flu season or at the time of any virus outbreak. The coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China has already created havoc round the globe.  A face mask prevents you from direct touching your nose and mouth with your hands. However they alone won’t wipe out your possibility of getting contaminated. But they can reduce the risk to a great extent. 

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