Best Amazon Alexa Devices

Best Amazon Alexa Devices

Best Amazon Alexa Devices

Looking for the Best Amazon Alexa Devices? Here, in this article, you will find the different  Amazon Alexa Echo devices, different features of Amazon Echo and a comprehensive  buyers guide for Amazon Echo Plus, Amazon Echo Dot.  This will help you to buy the best  Amazon Alexa Devices.

  What is Alexa?

Introduced in 2014 , Alexa is the voice assistant for all smart speakers( the Echo family) by Amazon.  Echo devices  are gaining exponential increase in popularity throughout the globe. Amazon has been coming out with new and upgraded Alexa enabled Echo units  from 1st generation to 2nd generation. 

The basket of Alexa smart speakers ranges from the Echo Dot, the Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, the Echo Show and the Echo Show 5. The Echo devices are good listener, powered by artificially intelligent virtual  assistant “Alexa”.

Google smart device Google Home is search based, whereas Amazon Alexa is skill based. You can ask Alexa to control your daily routine, set an alarm, create a shoping list, book a cab, make a call to another Alexa device, manage your smart home gadgets, read a book you have open on Kindle. Amazon Alexa skills  will do them faithfully.

All you have to do is download the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone from playstore. Then sync it to your smart speaker and then connect to your home Wi-Fi.  Alexa then uses the Wi-Fi to independently connect to the cloud  and fetch you an answer.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Amazon Alexa has become a popular voice-controlled smart speaker around the world in just a brief period of years. These smart speakers are artificially intelligent. Hence they needs to be used a lot to make them more intuitive.

Confused on selecting the best Amazon Echo that matches your choice and budget? We are here to guide you the perfect smart speaker for your smart home

Echo Plus (1st Gen) – with a smart home hub – Black

Amazon Echo Plus 1st Generation

Building on the success of the original Echo model, Amazon inducted the improved  Amazon Echo Plus 1st Generation in 2017. 

The Echo Plus is a cylindrical unit, made of all plastic enclosure of 9.3” height and 3.3” diameter, but only the black variant is available now rarely.

Along the top perimeter, a light-up LED band turns blue to bring Alexa alive. Alexa lights means, the Echo is ready. 

The volume control ring is just below the band. It can be rotated to adjust Alexa’s volume. On the top a mute mic button is placed along with the button to trigger Alexa.  

On the bottom it has the power port and the 3.5mm audio output port.


Overall sound quality is pretty decent enough with 2.5” downward firing woofer and 0.8” tweeter powered by Dolby and 360˚ omnidirectional audio.

Its far field voice recognition and enhanced noise cancellation technology can pick up your voice command efficiently from a distance. Quite efficient even in noisy environments, thanks to  its 7 microphones on the top.

Equipped with built-in smart hub, Echo Plus can be paired with any Zigbee enables smart home devices.

Trained with few thousands of skills and more being added up regularly. Thus effectively Alexa can control compatible lights, switch, play music, order food from Zomato, request a ride from Uber, using just your voice request.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

The 3rd Gen Echo Dot is the budget-friendly, new version of Alexa voice assistant inducted by Amazon. The new Echo Dot is compact, hockey puck shaped voice controlled smart speaker with Alexa. It promises richer and louder sound better than its predecessors. Let me take you through a Echo Dot review.

Available in 3 color options black, white and grey, the Echo dot has a fabric mesh like premier look. The button layouts are on the top with four buttons. Two dedicated for volume up & down control, one mic mute button and the last one action button to summon Alexa.

The Echo Dot lags an inbuilt battery and needs to be plugged to uninterrupted power supply through the power port at the back. Also there is a standard 3.5mm audio output on the rear.

Larger 1.6” speaker of the Echo Dot produces louder, crisp and clear sound quality. Stream your favorite music from Saavn, Amazon Prime, Gaana by asking Alexa to play your favorite genre. Connect Netflix to Alexa Echo Dot for best entertainment.  

Transform your abode to a smart home via voice control compatible smart devices. They control lights, switch on the AC, stock up your groceries, or even book a cab.

Your friend or relatives also own an Echo device or even has the Alexa App installed on smartphone? If Yes?  Ask your Echo Dot to call or message them, hands free.  

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Amazon Echo - 2nd Gen- Powered by Dolby – Grey

It is the 2nd generation upgraded Amazon Echo, amid the plethora of voice controlled Echo devices by Amazon. It was inducted in 2017 with a more premium look.

Echo Plus comes with more power compared to its predecessor. Thus offering best blend of quality performance and value.

It comes with fabric and wood finish. 

This 5.8”x 3.5” smart speaker comes with 2.5” downward- firing woofer and 0.6” tweeter powered by Dolby. Thus it deliver crisp sound and dynamic bass throughout your room. 

On the top, you will find a blue ring of light glowing. This indicates Alexa is attentive to your query. Two volume control buttons, mute mic and the action button are placed on the top.

The speaker audio output is pretty decent. Additionally, you can  also connect a better speaker through Bluetooth or 3.5mm cable line out at the back

This slim, smart cylinder has Alexa calling and messaging feature to stay connected with your family and friends through an Echo device or Alexa app. Echo fits in perfectly with your home décor. 

The Echo microphone can pick up your instruction efficiently from a distance even in noisy environments through its 7 microphones. Noteworthy it has enhanced noise cancellation technology. 

Equipped with more than few thousand of skills and more being added up regularly. Undoubtedly Alexa is upgrading herself day by day.

Alexa can order food from Swiggy , play your favorite college days retro. Want to book a cab on Ola, restock your groceries along with regular routine control of your other smart devices, Alexa is there for you.

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Amazon Echo Plus - 2nd Generation

The Amazon Echo Plus 2nd generation has got a design upgrade compared to predecessor Echo Plus. It looks like an elongated version of the new Echo Dot.

Amazon Echo Plus features bigger speaker with 3” downward- firing woofer and 0.8” tweeter powered by Dolby for 360˚ crisp audio. 

The Echo Plus has a premier look with a fabric cover.  Thus adding a touch of class to your room.

In-build Zigbee smart home automation hub makes Echo Plus stand out from the other devices in the Amazon Echo fraternity. 

The Echo Plus’s grouping with other smart home devices has also been enhanced. Thus making it a lot easier to control multiple manufacturer smart devices with just one command. 

On top, there are volume buttons, a microphone mute and an activation button, surrounded by a translucent blue LED ring. 

Array of seven distinct far-field microphones on the top allows enhanced noise cancellation to allow Echo Plus to hear you from across the room.  

At the rear are the 3.5mm AUX audio input/output and the power port.

Alexa is skill based. With over 15000 skills Alexa is always getting smarter and adding new skills to her kitty.

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Echo Show 5 - Smart 5.5" screen display with Alexa

Smart displays are effectively smart speakers with LCD touch panels attached to them. They control your smart home and more. Smart speakers with smart displays are the new trend and have blossomed over the past year.

 Amazon has hit the market of smart displays with Echo Show variants. Out of them, Echo Show 5 is budget friendly and worth mentioning. It is convenient for table-top use.

Echo Show 5 has an on screen control with the basics like time and weather available at a glance.

The Echo Show 5 has a petite 5.5-inch LCD touchscreen display with 18:9 aspect ratio and 960 x 480 resolution. The full range 1.65” built-in Show 5 speaker is an engaging bedroom companion for music and Alexa’s verbal responses to your voice commands. 

The Amazon Echo Show 5 comes with a 1MP camera that allows you to make video calls to other Echo devices with displays. Along the top there are the volume control buttons and a mute button that turns off the camera and mic. Addition to that a physical slider is provided as a privacy shutter for the camera.

Echo Show 5 offers a full basket of Alexa skills, video calling and broadcast message features along with Skype.

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